2023-2024 School Calendar

4 Day Instructional Week

Good Morning Leadership Prep Families,

As you may have heard, the school board met last week and approved the 4-day instructional week for next school year. Just to clarify a couple of things about the calendar:

  1. There are 5 Fridays that the students will have to attend school as part of the regular calendar due to holidays that fall on Mondays. That would be September 8th, October 13th, December 1st, January 12th, and January 19th.
  2. The Fridays that are colored in red are the ones that will be for interventions. If your student is failing classes or needs additional tutoring (especially in core subjects), please expect to have your child attend school on those days.

We are working diligently to get plans made and specifics nailed down on how to best serve our families who would like extracurricular options and/or childcare on Fridays. We will send out surveys as needed to get input on what we can offer.

Thank you for your feedback and participation in helping make this decision.

Just as a reference, the FAQs for the 4-day instructional week may be found on the news page of the Leadership Prep website as well as the recordings of the meetings.

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