Super Screws!

By, Taylor Baima

All About the Screw

What is a Screw?

"Uh Oh! my pencil tip broke! What can I do?" I can use a pencil sharpener of course! A pencil sharpener is a screw. A screw is a simple machine that makes work & life easier. The screw is made up of two parts: a pole, & an inclined plane. The inclined plane is wrapped around the pole. You may be looking at a screw & not even know it! Screws come in many different shapes & sizes. Screws are important because they help us in our everyday life. Some examples of screws are screw on jars, pencil sharpeners, or just a regular screws. Screws hold things together, like maybe even the chair you are sitting in right now! Screws are very useful. So now you know something about screws!

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