Washington, DC

Our 2021 trip has not been planned or set at this time

Please contact Academic Expeditions with any questions regarding trip insurance refunds

An email was sent by Dave Tucker and by the trip coordinator last week regarding your refund process.

Trip Info / Registration Portal: https://academicexpeditions.com/csms2020

Tour Code for registering for this trip: stay tuned for more 2021 trip information

How do I register for the 2021 trip?

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Visit the Academic Expeditions Washington, D.C. itinerary website

Trip updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What else happens besides riding the bus for ten hours on Tuesday and Friday?

See the entire trip schedule with approximate times HERE.

Q.What about eating on the days of bus travel? Do the students need to pack food? We provide all of the meals, starting with a bagel and yogurt lunch on Tuesday. For lunch on Tuesday we give the students money to but lunch at a travel food court. We head home after lunch on Friday but we make arrangements to have a dinner (well, sandwich) delivered so that the students have a chance to eat on the way home.

Q. What is the itinerary? We will have a full itinerary soon. When planning for a large group, given weather and other unforeseen circumstances, the itinerary is a good reflection of what we will do but it remains flexible.

Q.How are roommates determined? Each student, or pair of students will be asked to select their trip partner. This trip "buddy" will go with them everywhere. They will be on the same bus and in the same hotel room. Once buddies are selected the pairs will have a chance to choose another pair to room with. These selections will be made and posted on a google document available to all trip participants once we know who is going. For those students that would like, we have an after school buddy selection meeting so that people can pair up and find roommates. If you are concerned about finding a buddy or roommate let Mr. Tucker of Ms. Braley know and we will help you. A meeting will take place with the kids during 1st hour on February 10th to get this all set up.

Q. What about beds, are they shared? Each hotel room has two queen beds. Four students are assigned to each room. Students share a bed. I have heard of students taking turns sleeping on the floor half the time but most are so tired they just sleep.

Student and Parent Forms

Medical release forms and authorization to administer medications

Travelers attached is a Medical Release form for the DC trip. Every traveler, students and chaperones, need to have this document on file with us before we leave. Please complete and return to Smart by Feb. 14th

If a student takes medicine at school, we have the appropriate paperwork, we will collect the medicine for the trip the morning of departure if we need more.

If a student takes medicine beyond the school day, in addition to what we already administer, or takes a prescription that we never administer

All medicine will be bagged and labeled and a staff member will be assigned to make sure all medicine is administered at the correct times.

If your child already carries and administers their own medication the authorization is already on file with the school and nothing further needs to be done.

See the forms above