Teacher Weekly

St. Vincent de Paul Parish School

Greetings, staff!

Can you believe it? Half-way through this wonderful school year! Whew! This halfway point marks a time where reflection upon your teaching practice is key. Ask yourself the following questions:

How is my class going?

How are my students doing?

What am I doing well in the classroom?

What could have gone better today?

How can I make a positive learning experience for students even better?

What do I want to be doing professionally in 10 years, five years or even next year?

Reflection makes us examine our profession and helps us to better understand the learners in front of us. It helps us to make changes that will pull the best out of our learners, not just ourselves. Reflection helps us to know it is okay to step out of our comfort zone, in fact, it is a necessity. Do something new, take a risk, challenge yourself. Take some time this week once you are set and ready for Quarter 3, to pray and reflect on your first semester of this school year. Pray for the strength to try something new, challenging yourself and your learners.

This video below is very powerful, and will prompt you to reflect on your practice. Take a look and let me know what you think!

To a great new year!

Kids at heart in Catholic education,


National Teachers of The Year: Reflections on Practice & Growth


Please click the link to view the agenda.


OPEN HOUSES EXPECTATIONS: (1/29 @ 5:30 p.m. & 2/1 @ 12:00 p.m.)

All teachers are expected to attend.

-Hallways should be neat and clean from teaching materials.

-Learner work from your classrooms should be hanging outside of your classrooms.

-Incorporate technology in your classroom. Show videos of your learners, incorporate the ipads, etc.


SAFETY: Please make sure you are locking your doors when you leave your classroom, even for just a short time. You were very diligent of this at the very beginning of the year and I need the sense of safety to continue.

AFTERSCHOOL ENRICHMENT: Beginning in February, Mrs. Fruits will begin the first class of our after-school enrichment program. This program runs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday from 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and is open to all grade levels. See the link for more information. http://www.stvincentelementary.com/documents/artenrichment.pdf Please communicate with your learners about this opportunity.

As we continue through the year more opportunities will become available. Stay tuned...

MASS PARTICIPATION: Please practice the responses for the mass and expect to hear them during mass. I notice some learners (and even some teachers!!!) not participating at all. Please be sure you are expecting their best!

MANDATED SERVICES: Mandated service is coming up again. Get a jump start on this and enter in some information. I will update the notes section of mandated services for you next week to make it easier to complete.


VIRTUS: Please turn in your updated training from your VIRTUS on-line training by January 31st. Here is the link to the VIRTUS website. http://www.virtus.org/virtus/ Thank you.

RELIGION CERTIFICATION: Please let me know if you are having trouble getting registered for your Religion certification. Please also see me if you have questions about when you need to register and when your certification will expire. It is your responsibility to know when your certifications (FBI, religion, and teaching) expire, and your responsibility stay current with the certification.

TEACHER IN-SERVICE DAY: February 13th is a diocesan mandated in-service day for all teachers, full and part-time. Please mark your calendars for this day. This day was not communicated until now - and was marked as a free day on the master calendar given to you at the end of last year. I do understand if you have made prior plans- but please communicate that to me asap.

ATLAS: By now, each of you have received your ATLAS online curriculum mapping information. Our February staff meeting (February 9th) will be, in conjunction, with Our Lady of the Elms Elementary, a beginners guide to the ATLAS website.

To prepare for the meeting, I am requiring you to complete an assignment on the ATLAS website. The assignment is as follows:

- log-in to the ATLAS website

- Browse the tab "My Atlas" Are your courses correct?

- Go the tab "Search", click "Standards Alignment", Browse the Standards Sections, finding each of your DOC standards. This step is to become familiar with the different types of standards in our state and how the ATLAS system is set up

- Go to the tab "Support" , click "Videos", Watch the "Welcome to Atlas Video" Choose an additional video to watch and notice the incredible work that ATLAS will help us with to create our curriculum map.

- Once these tasks have been completed by January 30th , email me. In the email include 1 "AHA statement...One thing I have learned from browsing the ATLAS system....." , as well as 1 "I wonder..." (about the ATLAS system).

This work is important in creating and striving toward the vision of SVDP. It will require work and commitment, but once through it - we will have a consistent curriculum that provides a fluid academic curriculum while providing incredible opportunities for cross-content learning! Navigate away!

CORE-VALUES: The new and final Core-Value slip will be placed in your mailboxes sometime this week. Remember, as discussed during our PLC's, learners are able to be recognized for displaying any of our core values (listed below). I will roll this out to all of our learners next week during our Morning Gathering. There will be one slip from now on with ALL of the core values listed. You are to circle which core-value the learner has displayed when handing them out. You are expected to pass these out when learners display these characteristics.


Monday, January 19th


Tuesday, January 20th A DAY (6th Grade Representative for Daily Prayer)

The Golden Spatula Award will be announced during Morning Gathering.

The A.R.P. recognition will be announced during Morning Gathering.

Core Values roll-out

Wednesday, January 21 B DAY (6th Grade Representative for Daily Prayer)

Meeker out a Principals meeting

Grades need to be completed in Edline by 8:00 a.m.

Thursday, January 22 C DAY (6th Grade Representative for Daily Prayer)

Meeker out Accreditation Meeting (1/2 day AM)

Friday, January 23 A DAY (6th Grade Representative for Daily Prayer)


Monday, January 26: STAFF MEETING @ 2:45p.m. in Scullen

Thursday, January 29th: Open House @ 5:30 p.m.

Sunday, February 1st: Open House @ 12:00 p.m.

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The beginning of the year is always a great time for grants. I will include them in the Teacher Weekly newsletter when I am notified of new ones.


Educator Initiative Grant - See me for details.