The Mesa Origins

By: Emanuel Mesa


My name is Emanuel Mesa. I am the son of Ricardo Mesa and Luz Mesa. I am the older brother of Michael Mesa and Madeline Mesa. I am the younger half brother of Steve Mesa.

Name Meaning

The last name, Mesa, is probably a habitational name from any of various places, mainly in southern Spain, named La Mesa. This is referencing a topographical feature of the land.


The last name, Mesa, can be found in: Spain, a variety of southern and central American countries, and throughout the United States.

Average Life Expectancy

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Mesa Occupations

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Family Crest

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My Own Family

My family is from Colombia. Many of my family members live in the city of Medellin but there are many scattered all across the country. I also have many family members that live in New York, Miami, Pennsylvania, California, and Texas.

My Parents

My father is Ricardo Mesa. He is the son of Antonio and Sophia Mesa. He has four sisters and three brothers. He is the youngest male of his siblings. My mother is Luz Mesa. She is the daughter of Miguel and Augustina Canaveral. She has 3 sisters and 6 brothers. She is the oldest female of her siblings.

The End