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Who am i?

My name is Arshvir Mangat. I was born on November 2nd, 2000 in India. I came to Canada in 2013 but I came to Canada in 2002 then after I went back then I came to Canada in 2010 then went back again . I go to Louise Arbour Secondary school and I am in grade 10. I like to do things that I never did before. I enjoy and love soccer. My favourite soccer player is Messi. I enjoy listening to music in my spare time but a lot the times I play on my computer or Ps4. So these are the things I like to do and the things I did in my life.

My life line

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2000, 2nd November

This was the most important day of my life because I was born on this day.

My Favourite things

favourite soccer and song videos

Crazy Skills ● Tricks ● Dribbles ● 2015 - 2016 |HD
Eminem - Not Afraid

My leadership Style


The type of leader I am is like Joiner because I feel so uncomfortable When I am a leader of something because I cannot speak front of everyone. I am a little shy person so that is why I cant speak front of many people. I see myself as a member of a team not like leader because I cant lead the team.
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My influences


Messi is the one who influences me because he encourages me to play soccer because when I see him playing it's like he play different than everyone because he plays honest, and the best dribbler in the world so yea he influenced me.
Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Goals Ever | HD
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My role Model

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was born in Argentina and he plays soccer for Argentina international team and FC Barcelona Spain's Messi is my role model because one of the biggest reason cause I play soccer and his game style is different than all other players who play soccer. I like his game style because the way he plays and controls the ball. The biggest other players do but he doesn't do is that he don't dive. He is important to me because he is the one who inspires me because the way he passes and even his lifestyle. Messi donated near a million dollar to UNICEF because needed money to help children. This is the one reason he is my role model. He is the best player in the world, he won four FiFA Ballon d'Or and 3 golden boots. These are the reason he is my role model.
Lionel Messi - A God Amongst Men HD

My future

Chemical Engineering

I am not sure what to do in my future but for now I chose Chemical Engineering. I am interested in this job because I am kind of into science and I love to work with chemicals and try new things with it. When I did my science in grade 10 I got bad marks in Biology unit and other but in chemistry i got really good marks and that's what boosts my confidence if I am going to do Chemical Engineering. I will probably go into something else but for now this is the job I am interested in. I had Grade 10 applied in grade 10 so I am going to summer School and going to do academic grade 10 then I will choose Chemistry, Physics. I am going to do mix Math in grade 11 first semester and 2nd semester I am going to take academic. English I am going to take academic. I will try to go to University and study 2-4 and get a degree. I will need like Chemistry related courses in University.
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Family Symbols

Personality Test results

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Personality Test

My personality is INTP because I am creative, independent, and open-minded.

Learning style Test

This is accurate that my learning style is auditory because a lot of things I learn from hearing that much I don't learn from written things. I am auditory learner because I remember things that are spoken before so when it comes to tests i do well when I speak with someone about the topic or the things in the test before the test. If I can't talk to someone I can just record myself and learn the things in the test.
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Interest Test

Yes, this is true that my interest type is the professional because I keep my stuff organize. I am well prepared for the future projects or something.
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Knowledge Test

I kind of agree with it because I like business and this is pretty accurate. I like business because I like to trade or do other kind of things with related with business. Many people say that I should be a businessman but I kind of like science more than business so I want to do Chemical Engineering.
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Motivations Test

I strongly agree with this because I get good marks when I work. Achievement is my top motivation factor because the hard work pays off that's what I think but there are many people who says hard working doesn't pay off. I think achievement is the key to success. If you hard work and achieve good marks in all the subjects and tests. Again, its true that my top motivation factor is achievement.
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Multiple intelligence Test

My mi’s strongest rank is section 6 and score is 50. The weakest rank is section 7 and 10 score. Most of my ranks in middle are 20 and 1 is 30. I am kind of a surprised and not surprised with my results of mi’s. I am surprised by the result of my kinesthetic strength because before I never knew that anyone can study from physical activities but now I know and I am surprised that my strongest strength is kinesthetic.

I was kind of surprised by order of my results because i didn’t thought that the results would be that because I think I was logical person but this proves that I am not and I am surprised. The thing that I am not surprised with is that my weakest strength is verbal strength because I can never learn from rhyming, music or something like that. So yea, these are my strengths to learn something. I can use this strength to learn something new in the future.

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True Colour Test

I do agree with but in the middle i kind of dont. I do agree with my true green colour because i examine things carefully, I am self-motivated. The true thing is that I think so much when I get an assignment and that’s what true colour assessment shows. Yes, I enjoy learning a lot of new things because I think they are interesting and getting knowledge of new things that is what I like. On the other hand, I kind of dont agree with my true colour. My true colour is green and it says that I have to be seen as smart but that’s not right because if I am in the class and telling everyone that I am smarter than every one of them, the things I said it can let them down but I dont want to do that because I don’t want to be the one who let them down. This is the only thing that my true colour shows wrong.

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