Genetically Modified crops

Randy Galvan

Pamphlet A


I'm telling you this because you passed my survey about genetically modified crops water use.

The way you could do better is probably not buy so much of these crops so when they see its not as big of a buyer it use to be the rate of people growing it will go down .Thats about it because if you're not really a farmer it is hard to do a lot to stop the water use over this.

Maybe we can make a change so we don't waste all are water growing these things in the U.S.See the food prices go up because of how much water it takes to grow these things.

Pamphlet B

Informational packet over Genetically modified


I can tell that you do not know a whole lot about my topic.So I will inform you.

As you can tell rice is a genetically modified crop that takes up most of the water in the U.S

YEAR 1 crops water use

year 2 crops water use

38% of the u.s water

76% of the u.s water


These crops are experimented with thats why they are called genetically modified crops it means they try to modify crops to live . And they could also cause WATER pollution with water runoff. These are crops that are modified to grow better but as you can tell sometimes that does not work out Its a real waste of water.These are examples of theses modified crops(corn,rice,plumbs,)As you could tell rice is a real water waste and we don't even need them


These are some genetically modified crops