Cure for future financial plans.

By: Melloney Keller: Your future invester

You can be set for life... Here's some secret on how!!!!!!!!

#1 Investing your money

Investing first off means- to put money into something in order to gain back more money than the amount you put in.

Reason why you should invest your money?

You can even go as far as starting your own piggy bank at home and when a situation comes up or in need of money you have that piggy bank to fall back on.

1. When investing your money you can put it into a saving account ,where interest is 0.01%.

2.Your bettering your future in the long run.

3.No worries when you reach retirement.

4.Will have left over bills that your children will have to pay off once your gone.

How saving your money helps in the long run...

Saving your money instead of spending it all will eventually going to pay off.

1.When you need to pay bills off.

2.When you don't have enough money for groceries.

3.When your struggle to meet other payments.

4.When other things just come up.

5. Disaster occurs with in the house,family, community, or even work related.

As each day you save up more and more money before you know it you'll be set for awhile. In the long run saving up your money will truly pay off.

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Tips to SAVE!!!!!!

#1.Shop at goodwill.

#2.Buy use car instead of new.

#3.Buy cheap brand food instead of name brand.

#4.Buy what you need not what you want.

#5.Before buying needs pay bills first.

Tips to INVESTING!!!!!!

#1. Watch to see what your investing in

#2. Research before investing


#4.Buy Low,Sell High

#5.Sell when the time is right now when you want to

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