Jewish Identity & Zionism in Israel

Host this group at your local shul/school/community!

An amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing educators!

The Magen David community in Brooklyn and Panim el Panim of Jerusalem, Israel have teamed up to bring this beautiful delegation this December (2014). This delegation includes educators and former Shlichim, that are actively engaged with educating the new generation in Israel today. The question of Jewish identity and unity in Israel is a well discussed issue these days, do not miss this excellent chance to bring this to your school or community.

Please contact Dr. Chagit Hadar for more information and to schedule this group at your community.

Dr. Hadar may be reached at 516-849-2533, or via email at

Members of the delegation

Geva Rapp - Head of Panim el Panim organization, which is engaged with Zionistic education in over 60 public high schools in Israel.

Shai K - One of the sought for scholars today in the Panim el Panim college student program. Born and raised in a Kibuutz and today lives in the Golan.

Nadav K - Active counselor in the Ma'agalim youth movement.

Itamar K - Brother to Nadav, graduated from the Eli Mechina program and is actively engaged with programming for Bnei Akiva in Israel.

Bentzi G - Son to Olim parents and well experienced in delegations to the North America region. Involved with a few Olim programs in Israel.

Naftali G - Brother to Naftali and a 3rd year med student in the prestigious Hadassah school of medicine. Now actively involved in the student body there.

Roi N - Today a resident in a famous Tel Aviv law firm. Has been involved sequently in a number of youth instructing programs.

Daniel W - Former a youth instructed in the famous OE boarding school. Today engaged in law and government studies (4th year). Has known the Brooklyn community for years.

Itzik Y - Made Aliyah to Israel from the USSR, currently an official Kenesset spokesman. Has served as the Israeli representative in the European student council. Attended numerous educational delegations.

Elad A - Former coordinator at Ma'agalim, and former Shaliach for the JAFI in Philadelphia.

Panim el Panim @ Kibbutzim

Panim el Panim

Panim el Panim started bridging the gap in the Israeli society of today 10 years ago. With the years the focus has become on outreaching to high school students, army soldiers, college students, young families, Kibbutzim and even prison inmates, and today quenching the endless thirst for Torah, Emunah and Unity in Israel!!!