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Friday, September 17th, 2021


Dear Parents,

TEA has recently changed the requirements for parent Covid notification. In order to comply with this requirement, the district has changed the way we notify parents. We will no longer be communicating every positive Covid individual to the entire school community. If parents have multiple children at the same campus, the notifications will not be grade/class-specific. The purpose of the COVID notification letter is to alert parents that there was a possible exposure at school and to monitor all their children for symptoms. All positive cases for every campus are reported on the district’s dashboard daily.


Heather Motzny


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Sept. 21st - 2nd and 3rd Grade Curriculum Night (Virtual Event)

4th and 5th Grade Curriculum Night (Virtual Event)

Chick Fil A Spirit Night

Wednesday, Sept. 22nd- K and 1st Grade Curriculum Night (Virtual Event)

Friday, Sept. 24th- Teacher Work Day (Student Holiday)

Thursday, Sept. 30th- 3rd and 5th grade Nature Trails

Friday, October 1st - 3rd and 5th grade Nature Trails

Monday, October 25th-Friday, October 29th: Red Ribbon Week

Friday, October 29th- Field Day (all grade levels)

**Our Spring Creek Spirit Nights originally scheduled for September have been moved to November. Please mark your calendars for November 16th and 17th.

Covid Dashboard

Click this to see a live representation of Covid in all of Cypress Fairbanks ISD.

Change of Transportation

We are updating our procedures for transportation changes in an emergency. (See the new policy below.)

Parents must send a note to school regarding any transportation changes. In the case of an emergency, parents may email the school: A copy of the parent’s driver’s license MUST accompany the email. Phone changes will NOT be accepted. All transportation changes should be made before 2:50 PM so that we may have adequate time to get a message to the teacher. Students may register for bus transportation during the school year by contacting the registrar. Her email is This process will take a few days.

Destination Imagination is Back! (DI) can help…

DI offers an experience, through which—as one parent told us—kids find their superpowers. Working in teams to solve STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Challenges, quiet children come alive. Kids who like things their way realize how much better their ideas are with input from their teammates. And if your child hasn’t found his or her niche yet? No problem. DI introduces kids to a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques while solving Challenges their way.

For more information on Destination Imagination, visit the website at

If you are interested in starting a team, please complete the link below to share your information with other parents at Sampson who are also interested.

Forms must be completed no later than Friday, September 24.

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From the library

Here's to hoping the beginning of the school year has been great for your students!

In CFISD, all students have a district-issued Chromebook to fit our 1:1 system. New students will not receive a device until the 1:1 acknowledgement form is signed in School Cash. All students must have a form signed each year. All parents must complete the form in School Cash.

Happy Fox is new too! If a student has an issue with a device (cracked screen, mouse does not work, lost charger, etc), a Happy Fox ticket must be submitted from their account. Please see the attached directions.

Ask your child about 5th grade book club! More information is coming!
We have a great year planned in the library!

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Spanish Action Based Learning Lab

Next week in Spanish class we will cover the following:

Kinder: Review greetings, goodbye, and courtesies

Buenos días (Good morning)

Buenas tardes (Good afternoon)

Buenas noches (Good evening/nigh)

Gracias (thank you)

De nada (You are welcome)

Por favor (please)

Lo siento o perdón (I am sorry)

Con permiso (excuse me)

Hasta luego (see you later)

1st grade: Review numbers up to twenty

Cero (zero)

Diez (ten)

Uno (one)

Once (eleven)

Dos (two)

Doce (twelve)

Tres (three)

Trece (thirteen)

Cuatro (four)

Catorce (fourteen)

Cinco (five)

Quince (fifteen)

Seis (six)

Dieciséis (sixteen)

Siete (seven)

Diecisiete (seventeen)

Ocho (eight)

Dieciocho (eighteen)

Nueve (nine)

Diecinueve (nineteen)

Veinte (twenty)

2nd-4th grade: Home

La casa (home or house)

El apartamento (apartment)

La sala (living room)

La cocina (kitchen)

El comedor (dining room)

La habitación (bedroom)

El baño (bathroom)

El jardín (garden)

¿Dónde comes? En el comedor. (Where do you eat? In the dining room.)

¿Dónde te bañas? En el baño. (Where do you shower? In the bathroom.)

¿Dónde duermes? En la habitación. (Where do you sleep? In the bedroom.)


Sra. Betancourt

Field Day

FIELD DAY - Friday, OCTOBER 29th


4th and 5th Grade

8:30-10:10 am Field Day

11:30-12:00 pm Lunch

2nd and 3rd Grade

10:20-12:00 pm Field Day

12:00-12:30 pm Lunch

Kinder and 1st Grade

1:00-2:40 pm Field Day

11:00-11:30 am Lunch

FIELD DAY Tie Dyed T-Shirts available for sale at

Counselors Corner

Requests for Teachers to Complete Paperwork for Outside Sources

Requests for Teachers to Complete Paperwork for Outside Sources

(Rating Scales, Observations, Areas of Strengths/Weaknesses)

In order for teachers to fill out forms or other information needed for outside sources (doctors, psychologists, agencies, private schools, taekwondo, tutors, etc.), we must have a release of information (consent) form from the parent. Parents may request the permission form from the counselor or through the teacher. A new permission form needs to be filled out each school year.

Once the permission form is completed and returned, the teachers may fill out the requested paperwork. At Sampson, we follow the District’s procedure to send the paperwork directly to the outside source (doctors, psychologists, agencies, private schools, taekwondo, tutors etc.) via fax or mail. If the parent chooses for the information to be mailed, an envelope (addressed to the outside source with postage attached) should be included with the paperwork provided by the parent.

These procedures are to ensure the student’s needs are addressed legally and ethically.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the counselor.

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Red Ribbon Week Themes

10/25 Monday: Wake Up Drug Free

Wear your Pajamas to school.

10/26 Tuesday: Team Up Against Drugs

Wear your favorite team gear.

10/27 Wednesday: Saying NO is My Superpower

Dress like your favorite Superhero.

10/28 Thursday: Use Your Head...Don't Do Drugs

Wear your favorite hat.

10/29 Friday: Peace Out to Drugs (Field Day)

Wear your field day shirt or Tie dye.

PTO News

Chick Fil A Spirit Night

We will be holding a Spirit Night with Chick Fil A on Tuesday, September 21st. Let's support Sampson by grabbing your dinner before joining this year's Curriculum Night!

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Science Resource Center - Attention 5th Grade Parents!

Don’t forget to signup for SRC! If you have a 5th grader, you’ve got potential trainings coming up to attend for SRC! The Mammal Skulls that was originally scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th has been moved to Tuesday, September 28th. You also have the option to attend the Thursday, October 7th training instead. Additionally, there is a Bird Study Skins this Friday, September 17th or Thursday, October 21st!

Contact Shannon Kjol at or Emily Johnson (5th grade rep) for more information.


We are hosting a Garden Work Day on Saturday, October 2nd to help clean up the beds in our Sampson Garden. Please click here if you are interested in helping! The more the merrier!

Additionally, we are looking for volunteers to help replace some of our fruit trees and butterfly plants that we lost during the freeze earlier this year. If you would like to donate and help plant these gorgeous additions, please visit here.

Yearbook Reminder

As a reminder, the 2021-22 Yearbooks are for sale! For a limited time, yearbooks are on sale for $34! Grab yours here before the price goes up on December 1st.

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Update your Account Information and Directory Preferences on the PTO Website

Go to and LOGIN to your account

After you are logged in....

  1. Click on My Account to access your Family Account Page
  2. Follow the steps of verifying your family information.
    NOTE: Please make sure your contact information is all correct as this is how we will communicate volunteer opportunities!
  3. Click the "Next" button at the bottom to add your student's information and homeroom teacher. Click "Save"!
  4. Next, click on Step 2: Directory Publish Preferences
  5. Check the boxes next to the information you want to be included in the 2021-22 Sampson Directory. Click "Save" again!
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