Formative Assessment Digitools

Summer 2016

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Formative Assessment Quiz via Google Forms

Click here to take the survey. After submitting your answers, click the SEE PREVIOUS RESPONSES link to view the results.
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Timed Think-Pair-Share

Click here to answer our follow up question.
Google Tip Tuesday - The New Google Forms
How to use Padlet


Nearpod assists teachers in creating interactive lessons. They can upload Google presentations, PowerPoints, or PDFs. While in the content creation tool, upload presentations or create slides from scratch. Add interactivity by adding an open-ended question, poll, quiz, draw it, fill in the blanks, or matching pairs. View the short, intro video.


  1. Create an account at
  2. Create a presentation
  3. PUBLISH the presentation for use with students


  1. Go to
  2. Click I'm a student
  3. Enter the PIN given to you by your teacher
  4. Teacher has control (unless you are viewing an interactive feature; click SEND to submit answers)


Read more here.

Help on Creating a Lesson:

Nearpod Help Site

Nearpod Interactive Tutorial

Get engaged with Nearpod!
Edpuzzle embeds questions into a video. The site delivers specific data on video segments watched, questions answered correctly, and more. Read more on the Faith 4ward blog.

Today's Example:

  1. Go to
  2. Click LOGIN
  3. Click STUDENT
  4. Enter in the USERNAME and PASSWORD
  5. Click JOIN CLASS on the left
  6. Enter bk8oVN and click the magnifying glass
  7. Click JOIN
  8. Click START next to the Formative Assessment/Evaluation video
  9. Click the PLAY button and answer questions when prompted
Formative Assessment / Evaluation

Brain Break with Go Noodle

Research shows students need frequent breaks. Go Noodle is being used by many teachers as a quick, fun way to provide these needed classroom breaks.


Quizizz is a game-based tool that allows students to complete a quiz or review together at their own pace while being notified of their correct/incorrect answers and points compared to the class. Read more here.
Quizizz Walkthrough


Navigate to this padlet and answer:

3 = tools you will use

2 = words to sum up your learning

1 = question or comment you have