Tech Tips for Parents

May, 2016

Did you know?

Technology is great and powerful tool. But, as we all know, some tools are dangerous. This page serves to provide parents with information about what is out there that could be dangerous to our children.

Apps and websites are constantly changing so check this page out often to see updated information. If you have information to share please contact our Technology Coordinator's office at 419-468-3134 ext. 11012.

Internet Safety for Parents

Tuesday, May 17th, 7-9pm

472 Portland Way North

Galion, OH

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a great way to let your little ones have the experience of YouTube without worrying that they will find their way to something they shouldn't be exposed to.

Follow these links to see more about YouTube Kids:

Online Kid Cop

Founder Paul Siverman's website provides information to educate parents about necessary steps to keep children safe. His features several articles including Deleting Ghost Apps on iPhones, as well as several videos that focus on safety, privacy settings, and other user controls.