What Makes The Media So Powerful?

Brand Advertising

Brand Advertising

What makes the media so powerful when it comes to brand advertising is the persuasive language they use when advertising. They capture your attention by assuming your personal interests whether its through your television screen, poster, or a billboard you've seen.

Media Affect

I am a big media user and at times the decisions i make are influenced by the media. For example, I have been regularly using the same skin cream for months, but when i saw an ad on the television that advertised a different brand of skin cream i considered switching to that brand simply because it was presented better, in a way that i liked i felt like they were talking to me directly and it influenced me to buy their product from then on.


I am a teen, so when i see ads on the television regarding new clothing or the latest shoes i'm captured immediately .The media does this on purpose, ads aren't just out there for no reason they're meant to catch somebody's attention. They might put out an ad for good quality running shoes that are comfortable and durable. This may mean they're trying to capture the attention of an athletic person.


Your sitting on your couch and a commercial comes on about an acne cream that works miracles. Maybe your not to comfortable with your skin and how it looks. Well now your captured because the brand (Pro-Active) is working miracles for other people with the same skin problems as you. The commercial consist of before and after pictures of people who weren't happy with their faces, and after using the product they have become more confident in themselves and more active than ever. Now YOU feel that if you buy this product YOU will become more confident and do things that you wouldn't regularly do. The main purpose of the brand advertising is to capture your attention and persuade you into believing that THEIR product is whats best for you.
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Simple Skincare is Kind to City Skin - Simple Skincare TV Commercial Ad