Stock Project by Alex (DaRealstBlueBoy)

Background Information

Nike was formed in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports

Officially Became NIKE inc. in 1971

The company was created by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

The name NIKE originally came from the stores first employee Jeff Johnson

The NIKE swoosh was designed by Portland University student Carolyn Davidson

NIKE does own Jordan shoes

NIKE competes in the shoe and clothing industry mainly

It's biggest competitors are UNDER ARMOUR and ADIDAS

Factors of Production

Nike Produces shoes and clothing wear they also make equipment and accessories

Nike has around 48,000 employees

Nike is worth about 83.32 Billion

Financial Information

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The stock has been going up at a good steady pace over the last 5 years. I think that more people are buying NIKE because each day its a growing company and more people want the name brand things and they see their favorite athlete wearing those shoes or that shirt so they want to have to same thing as their idle.


Its symbol is NKE

NKE is traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)

52 week: Low: $70.60 High: $99.76

Today's high low: Low: $95.66 HIgh: $96.51

The last stock split was on Dec 26, 2012 and it was a 2to1 ratio split

Nike has roughly 3.5 million shares available to trade

NIke pays a dividend of 28 cents

Last payed dividend was Feb 26 2015

Wall street 24/7 called NIKE a very BULLISH stock while Finance Yahoo said its right in the middle between BULLISH AND BEARISH.


Daily Finance said to buy NIKE stock and sell Under Armour because NIKE has a bigger Dividend of 1.7%

NY times said NIKE is a good investment but they prices are tending to become very high and expensive for the everyday person to buy them

I think these articles helped the stock by more people buying the stock making the stock price go up but I also think NIKE will see this and lower the price of the stock by doing another split to make it more affordable.


I wouldn't purchase the stock right now since its very close to its high's

I've lost almost 20,000 on the stock game

I should probably do more research on some stocks and invest in better stocks.