Battle School

Battle school is the best place for you!

Reasons to join:

Battle School is that place for you! If you have been monitored by the government from the approximated ages 3-6 and have been offered the chance of a lifetime to go to battle school by an I.F. officer ( International Fleet). There's no reason to refuse such an offer. You'll be in an officer position in barely no time at all. Attending our battle school is a life changing experience for the better. Almost everyone gets an officer position by attending our battle school program. It's in your best interest to attend our battle school. It's not just a career choice it's a life choice. There are several different levels that you upgrade to as you progress as a better soldier. Everyone starts off as a launchie. Most launchies begin at the age of six and progress at the age of eight but there have been a few cases where they've been promoted before the age of eight. While battle school is an excellent place to be but it does have its disadvantages. One disadvantage is that you barely ever get to see your family. While this sounds like a huge problem they will be incredibly proud of you. Most soldiers get there first leave to go home at around the age of twelve. But with all the kids here, you'll make friends that will make you feel like you've know forever and sometimes they feel like family. So even tho it seems like not being able to see your family is a big issue it's not because you will be able to see them at the age of twelve. Battle school is the place for you!
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these are examples of the different armies that battle school has to offer.