Dinaric Alps

Zack Perschbacher

Physical characteristics of the Dinaric alps

Location- They are located in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia.

Characteristics- Formed by immense lateral pressures folding and overthrusting the rocks, "Lake Crest" is the highest peak it is 8839 ft. high.

Dinaric alps effect on human geography of the area

-Lots of tourism

-They are the tallest people in the world, Average male heght is 6'1" and average female is 5'7"

-Population density is 99 people per square km


The dinaric alps are strongly connected tom the human geography of the area. People count on the dinaric alps for places to live and jobs. The dinaric alps provide good mountains for skiers or snowboarders.