Library Newsletter

February 2016 Volume 3, Issue 6

Start With Hello Week, February 8-12

"Social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely, or treated like you are invisible. It is a growing epidemic in the United States and within our schools. Excessive feelings of isolation can be associated with violent and suicidal behavior. In fact, one study reports that chronic loneliness increases our risk of an early death by 14%. Furthermore, young people who are isolated can become victims of bullying, violence and/or depression. As a result, many further pull away from society, struggle with learning and social development and/or choose to hurt themselves or others." A Start With Hello Week planning guide can be found at Sandy Hook Promise.

100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide (1915 -1923)

The Ottoman Turkish government's genocide of its Armenian population is an essential lesson for understanding the stages and effects of genocide. The Genocide Education Project offers these new resources for teaching about genocide and the Armenian case:

The 10 Stages of Genocide-Beginning with prejudice, genocide develops over time, involving the cooperation of a large number of people and the state; This lesson helps students understand genocide as process that can be corrected and prevented.
They Shall Not Perish: America & the Armenian Genocide-During & following World War I, Near East Relief foundation workers fed, clothed, provided medical treatment, & taught professional skills to thousands of refugees. The organization is credited with saving over one million lives, including 132,000 orphan children.

New Books in the Library

Please bring your classes to check out new titles as well as books related to each project. We also have audio books!

Also everyone is invited to add to our African American Read In Chain...come to the library & add the title & author of a book you have read written by an African American author.

Students ReBuild-still time to make pinwheels

We will be sending the pinwheels March 21st. Pinwheels help raise funds for Syrian refugee youth through the International Rescue Committee's Healing Classrooms program.

February is...

Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month

American Heart Month

Library Lovers Month

National African American History Month

National African American Read-In

National Bird Feeding Month

National Haiku Writing Month

National Hot Breakfast Month

National Prevent A Litter Month

National Teen Dating Violence Awareness

National Women Inventors Month

Sweet Potato Month

Youth Leadership Month

Feb. 1 Change Your Password Day

Feb. 1 Decorating With Candy Day

Feb. 1 G.I. Joe Day

Feb. 1 Popcorn Day

Feb. 1 Robinson Crusoe Day

Feb. 2 Groundhog Day

Feb. 2 World Play Your Ukulele Day

Feb. 2 World Wetlands Day

Feb. 4 Digital Learning Day

Feb. 4 Facebook's Birthday

Feb. 6 National Doodle Day

Feb. 6 Bubble Gum Day

Feb. 6 Girl Scout Cookie Day

Feb. 7 Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Feb. 8 Boy Scout Anniversary Day

Feb. 8?*Opera Day:

Feb. 9 National Stop Bullying Day

Feb. 9 Read in the Bathtub Day

Feb. 11 Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Feb. 11 Get Out Your Guitar Day

Feb. 12 Darwin Day

Feb. 12 Lincoln's Birthday

Feb. 12 NAACP Day

Feb. 12 Paul Bunyan Day (Born 1834 in Bangor, ME)

Feb. 14 Ferris Wheel Day

Feb. 14 Frederick Douglass Day

Feb. 14 Library Lovers

Feb. 14 Valentines Day

Feb. 14 World Marriage Day

Feb. 14 World Whale Day

Feb. 15 National Gum Drop Day

Feb. 15 National Hippo Day

Feb. 15 Susan B. Anthony Day

Feb. 17 International Pancake Day

Feb. 17 Mardi Gras

Feb. 18Pluto Day (Planet is Discovered by Clyde Tombaugh)

Feb. 20 Love Your Pet Day

Feb. 22 George Washington's Birthday

Feb. 26 Levi Strauss Day

Feb. 26 National Bacon Day

Feb. 26 International Polar Bear Day

Feb. 28 National Tooth Fairy Day