New Tech Weekly Update

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Hello everyone!!!! I thought for sure ND was going to get pummled there in the second half! They did well in coming back. Just wasn't enough though. And how about our GHS RedHawks!!! 4-1 with a "W" over Concord. Our GHS Marching band also took a first place Saturday! Yesterday, I was at the UP Mall and the manager came over to talk to me about our 1:1. He said, "Oh yeah, Goshen! I heard great things about their First Fridays!" The Elkhart Truth article was published (it's hanging on my door) and also... little Goshen made the Chicago Tribune. Want to know why? I will let you investigate that reason :) All in all, I would like to say that we are doing big things and making an impact on the community, state, country and world. Everything that we do has a trickle effect and having our students understand that impact is critical. Have a fantastic week!

Site Visit

Thursday will be our first official site visit with New Tech coach, Leah. We will be coming in to classrooms. If there is anything that you would like to share or showcase, please let me know.

Trust Cards

As we thought, now that cards are out, we are beginning to flush out those "Critical attributes" that we will need to make this system work for us. Thank you for the questions and feedback! I will be meeting with GMS admin next week to listen as they develop their plan for rolling TCs out to GMS students.

A couple of those "things" are as follows:

  • Students cannot use the trust card to eat first in lunch line. I don't believe anyone has TOLD them this rather, they are trying to take advantage. What students are not realizing is that anyone with a trust card that gets to "eat first" means EVERYONE except 4 students right now get to eat first :)
  • We need students to be on time to class. All classes.
  • Trust Card cannot double as a picture ID, meaning... they must have both. They serve two very different purposes. I think that is something that we just need to teach students.

Forms - When a student is on "probation" with their card... or when their card is taken, they will have to complete reflection forms. I am currently working on setting up the TRUST CARD Course in Echo that will have all of this. All students will be added to their course. AND facilitators. I have tested this out with four students and think I have worked out some kinks. :)

Suspension. I have gone back and fourth about this. When a student is suspended, they will loose their trust card. I always send home a lengthy reflection form that they have to hand write (with criteria for scoring a 3.) I think that when they return, they should be on that probation status but I hold their card. HOPEFULLY, suspensions will be far and few between. We have had 1 up for expulsion, 2 with ISS, and 2 at 5 day suspension. I student is on a Form 16. In my opinion, they have to earn that card back when they return to school. However, is the time out "punishment" enough? Which leads me to another point..... I am working really hard to find natural consequences for students. You steal hamburgers, you make it right with all of the people you affected, pay for the burgers AND pay back to community. Putting kids out stinks. And it makes more work for everyone. Watching a student come up with the idea to apologize to 14 cafeteria staff members , stand there in tears while saying they are sorry, have them loose the cafeteria privilege, and then having them clean gum off tables for a week to pay back to community still allows them to be in your class. Everything is situational and I am always open to new ideas. Please know if I suspend, I send home things to be completed. It has also been nice to say, "You can log on to Echo from home and work through your project." There is one child that didn't have Internet and so I may bring him back to ISS Thursday and Friday to work ....because he now has to do the project solo.

Everything is situational and I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your patience.

Meetings this Week

Monday - cluster at 7:45 Click here to see where you are to go. (From Master Teacher email sent last week about cluster Sep. 19)

Tuesday - New Tech Full PLC Meetings (all math, all SS, all ELA, all science)

Wednesday - Open / Pre Post conferences

Thursday - This is technically the fourth Thursday. We will communicate more with you in the next few days about Thursday morning. NT site visit

Friday - TGIF!

Team Meeting Time Agendas

Terry shared with you the plan for the next two weeks of team meeting times. Times that you meet with your teams will need to remain consistent over the next two weeks. Sixth grade will continue to meet at the same time.

Please send Terry, Renee and myself detailed minutes each day.

YOU MUST TAKE THIRTY MINUTES (OTHER THAN LUNCH) to yourself to get your stuff done.

We will be in touch as to where this will go from here.

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