Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution Lockdown

it gets crazy

Tony Hawk was the first ever to land a 900


In this book there is a agency called the Revolution a friend of a girl Amy and she is in the revolution anyway when Jimmy the friend comes over to the agency with flowers because he likes Amy but they have to go on a mission so Amy and the four others who are there leave with Amy. The whole point of the agency is to find all of the board pieces that blew up when Tony Hawk landed the trick called the 900 it is when you spin on the board two and a half spins and land it he was the first ever to do it they need to find the board pieces so evil doesn’t take it’s power. Amy finds a old friend who used to be part of the revolution and something happens and then when they finish their mission they go back to hq to find something horrible the old friend whose name is Dylan blames Jimmy. Read the book to find out.

This book is awesome for anybody who likes action and under dogs. Sometimes loss sometimes gain and really cool gadegets

Crazy and weird

Tony Hawk, the first 900
worlds most amazing skateboard tricks