The HardLox Festival Needs You!

HardLox is seeking a new coordinator! Is that person you?

A Letter from Marty Gillen -- The Man Who Makes HardLox Happen!

Dear Religious School Families,

I want to share with you a wonderful opportunity!

For the past seven years I have been in charge of HardLox. Initially, I was responsible for

sponsorships, fundraising, the HardLox Raffle, and the HardLox Festival. Last year a

separate committee handled the sponsorships and fundraising. I concentrated my efforts

on the HardLox Festival itself. I have decided that I need to step back from running even

just the Festival.

The HardLox Festival has become a very important event for the Asheville Jewish

community. It is also the major fundraising event for Congregation Beth HaTephila. I feel

it’s critical that HardLox continues for many years to come. Managing just the HardLox

Festival will now stand as a task on its own.

This week I will begin interviewing for a temple member who would like to become the

volunteer production manager for this year’s HardLox Festival. This person must have

good computer skills and be able to work with simple databases, spreadsheets, and word


Most of the work will be done from home by email and phone in just a few hours a week.

The busy time will come only in the two weeks before the festival.

Every step in the process has been worked out over the past seven years. I will teach you

everything you need to know to take charge of the festival and I’ll be available step by step

along the way. Learning about HardLox will be a fun experience. You will not be

responsible for sponsorships or fundraising. These tasks will be done by a separate


If you would like to know more about this position please contact me at 828-253-2282 or

send an email to We can schedule a time to meet and I will give you an

overview of the festival and responsibilities to see if it’s right for you.

Marty Gillen