e-Lab Teacher Training

From Challenger Learning Center, Wheeling Jesuit University

What is an e-Lab?

e-Labs are virtual and interactive lessons in various science subjects, such as physical science, chemistry, life science, Earth and space science that include a live video conference event. During an e-Lab scientists perform experiments and demonstrations, guide students through difficult concepts, while asking and answering questions. Students are inspired to ask questions and draw conclusions to deepen their understanding of many core concepts.

Each Diocese of Allentown School will receive a pre-purchased e-Lab for 2013-2014 the School Year!

10:00 am - Introduction to e-Labs

10:20 am - e-Lab Tour

11:00 am - Q & A

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e-Lab Teacher Training

Wednesday, Jun 19th, 10-11:30am

Office of Education, 2145 Madison Avenue, Bethlehem, PA

Board Room

e-Lab Topics to Choose From:

Chemical Reactions - DNA

Electricity - Electromagnetic Spectrum

Kitchen Chemistry - Matter Matters

Newton's Law I - Newton's Law II

Newton's Law III - Science Magic

Seasons - Volcano

Teachers - this is your opportunity to preview e-labs!

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Kathleen Frank

e-mail: kfrank@cet.edu

Phone: 304-243-2495