Junior Newsletter

Winter Edition

College Visits

We have found that the best college exploration takes place when students go on a college visit to the campus itself. Some students go to a visit and decide that is the place for me! Others go on a visit and decide the college is not a good fit for them. NHS is able to sponsor some college visits each semester through our College Access Grant paid for by Education Quest and Elkhorn Valley Bank. The NHS Sponsored Visits are listed below with links to the registration forms.

There are also many "Junior Days" during the months of March and April. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for a calendar with those college visit opportunities listed. You can click on the event you would like to attend and get a link to register for the event. Students can also look for college visit opportunities or set up an individual college visit by going to the college website.

NHS Students get 2 days per year to go on a college visit that do not count against your attendance days. A parent needs to call the attendance office prior to the event and say the student is going on a college visit.


Many 4 year colleges require you to take the ACT. There are certain dates that you will need to register if you need to take it. The counseling center recommends you take the ACT the SPRING of your Junior year and the FALL of your Senior year. The cost of the test is $38. Fee waivers are available in the counseling center for students on free or reduced lunch. Click here to go to the official ACT website to register.

Remaining Testing Dates:

April 9, 2016 - Deadline to register without a late fee is March 4th.

June 11, 2016 - Deadline to register without a late fee is May 6th.


The COMPASS test is required by many 2 year colleges or community colleges such as Northeast Community College. It can be taken on any week day at Northeast Community College. The test generally takes about 1 - 2 hours. There is no cost for the test if it is for entrance to NECC. If you are taking it for another college then the cost is $10. To take the COMPASS test call the Northeast Community College Testing Center at 402-844-7281 to set up an appointment. Students will need to bring a photo ID and calculator with them to the test. The COMPASS test will probably be replaced by another test for those students graduating from high school in 2017. We recommend you take the COMPASS test the FALL of your Senior Year.

SAT Test

Most colleges and universities around the Midwest do not require the SAT. Students going to out of state colleges should check with the college admission requirements to see if they need to take the SAT. Click here for more information of the SAT and the registration site.
College Planning Website

Click on this button to go to the Counseling Center's College Planning Website.

Activities Resume

An activities resume is something we encourage every student to have and update. You will use your activities resume when you apply to colleges and scholarships. It is also nice to give the person writing a recommendation for you a copy of your activities resume.


Getting Started

  1. Most scholarships are given by the college you apply to. That is why we encourage students to apply to colleges the fall of your senior year. Some scholarships are given just by the information that provided on your college application. Others require admission to the college and a separate application form.
  2. Other scholarships can be found on online scholarship searches. Go to the websites page on our college planning website for a list of good online searches.
  3. Scholarships that we receive information about are listed in order of due date on the list of scholarships page.
  4. Students should have a folder were they keep scholarship application information, updated activities resume, and recommendations. This will be very beneficial when you have many scholarship deadlines at the same time.
  5. During the senior year, many national or state wide scholarships will come out. During the months of February - April, we see a lot of local scholarships. We strongly encourage students to apply to the local scholarships because you are not competing against as many other applicants.

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