Ezell Blair jr



Ezell Blair was born in Greensboro, North Carolina October 18,1941. Blair is still alive in 2015 and 73 years old.I predict his death will be in 2020.He’ll live a long and beautiful life.

Blair's school

He went to Dudley- High, where his father taught.He also got a B.S. in sociology from North Carolina T&A State University.Also attending law school for almost a year.

!960 Sit-ins

In 1960 Blair was 19. Blair was involved Greensboro Four sit-ins because Dr.King’s speech.So then Blair was 1960 lunch counter sit-ins.Also desegregate lunch counters with the rest of the gang Joseph,Franklin,and David.

Personal Info

Personal info His wife is named Lorraine.He also has 3 children.Blair also became a member of the New England Islamic center in 1968.He’s a great grandfather.