News in Gr 1 and 2 at Pilgrim

October 5, 2015

Star of the Week, Ewan, chooses CODY as our 3rd star!

Each week, we interview and write a book about our star of the week. This week it was Ewan. On Friday, he brought 5 things to share so that we could learn more about him. After running errands all week and dismissing the class each day, it was time for him to pull the NEXT name out of our "star fishbowl"...(drum roll...) CODY.

ELA* that's English/ Language Arts in Gr 2 by Mr. Yearick

This week was our first week with stations in ELA. We have three different reading groups, and each group is reading a different story. We read some at school and some at home, and then brought something that was related to the story on Friday to share with the class.

We extracted some facts from a non-fiction text about frogs, dabbled with puppetry, and had lots of fun with alliteration (our new favorite literary device).

Next week we'll either finish our books or start new ones, depending on our groups. We'll develop our phonics skills as relates to long vowel sounds, and get excited about exclamatory sentences. Thematically, we're moving from frogs to dogs.

Fun from this week...

Do the kids come along to the parent/ teacher conference? YES, please. This is a great time to build a 3-way team: parent, student, and teacher where all are involved in the conversation. (PS: IF there is an issue or topic that would need adult only talk, this can be arranged @ a different time)