Price's Press

January 23,2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

This week's reporters are Kyle, Michael, Sahana, Gracie, Brooke, and Van . Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Jacob. Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News You Can Use!

Report cards came home today. Please sign and return the envelopes by Monday. The class is doing a great job and they are excited about moving into the second half of fourth grade. Time sure does fly.

Also, the student's are bringing home a letter explaining a action research project I'm doing to complete my masters program. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would like those papers signed and returned by Monday as well.

The district has had us switch the format of the reading test. The new test is called the CCR test and the students took the first one today. There is a new component added which is a writing portion.. Right now we are completing that portion as a whole class or in small groups. Before these grades go into my grade book the students will take a few to get the format down.

Yumz orders are due Monday,January 26.


We are reading a book called Snow treasure. It is about kids going out and saving Norway's gold.


This is on Tuesday for home work we had study link 6.8.This is Mrs.Riebock's math class . We used a ruler to measure place to place. Everybody did attitude and longitude from how far places are to the equator . We had a math box for homework this was on Wednesday. On Thursday we did divided by two numbers it was something new to me for sure. For homework this time we had math box and study link. On Friday Mrs.Riebock's class studied for a test that will be on Wednesday next week and the study guide is due on Monday this is Brooke Kranz with important information.

*Mrs. Price's class will be taking the Unit 6 test next Friday.

Social Studies

This week in social study's we sketched a design of the toy where making. We also voted for the ideas in a group and then we put the design of the toy on a big white piece of paper. Then the groups are presenting there ideas too the toy company (the class). The groups sketches where great!


I am newsletter reporter for the week. In music we were talking about major and minor part of a song. We would start out with two pieces of paper then we would color other people's paper. Each paper would represent if it's happy or sad. We would draw what we feel about the song on the paper. It was really fun. Then, we talked about what a major is and what a minor is. A major is the loud and high note part of the song. The minor is the quit and low note part of the song. We learned a lot in music. It was a blast !


On Tuesday in art we were working on our landscape projects. We are using watercolor dyes to paint. If you get on your shirt it will never come off. We are using 5 basic colors,red,magenta,blue,turquoise, and yellow. But we could mix beautiful colors.
On Thursday we continued working on our landscape projects. They look really good and colorful. Some people are already done because we started about two weeks ago. Some people are not done like me.


Hi, I'm Gracie and I'm the P.E reporter. Mr. Lebar's the P.E teacher. In P.E this week the class was split in two groups.We did this because we taking turns playing ping pong and juggling. The boys started off with juggling but this week they switched to ping pong. The girls were doing ping pong and now they're juggling.

Friendship Party

The friendship party will be February 12 @2:00. The students will be making something in class to collect their cards. Below is a list of the students who are in the class:

  1. Lyndsey
  2. Breanna
  3. Ashley
  4. Sofia
  5. Seamus
  6. Avary
  7. Jacob
  8. Nikko
  9. Joey
  10. Ben
  11. Van
  12. Elaina
  13. Ali
  14. Ellie
  15. Brooke
  16. Ali
  17. Naiya
  18. Kyle
  19. Kate
  20. Michael
  21. Sahana
  22. Dylan
  23. Gracie
  24. Jonathon
  25. Liam
  26. Emma
  27. Taylor
  28. Zach