Night Conflicts

by Lucine Devejian

Man vs. Man

An example of a conflict between man and man is Franek wanting Elie's gold tooth. Elie wouldn't give it to him, but Franek was willing to do anything to get it. It became a fight for the gold tooth; Franek vs. Elie.

Franek used the fact that Elie's father couldn't march in time to his advantage. He hit Elie's father every day when he didn't march in time as payback for Elie not giving Franek the gold crown. This made Elie angry and upset. He didn't want his father to suffer more than he was just by being at the camp. His father was the one who told him to keep the gold tooth originally, but after two weeks of being abused, he had had enough. They both decided to give Franek the tooth, Franek won.

Text evidence-

1. "Give me your crown, kid." This is the beginning of the conflict, when Franek asks for the crown.

2. "If you don't give me your crown, you'll pay for it even more." This is foreshadowing that Franek is not going to let Elie's refusal slide.

3. "I knew it, I knew quite well I would win." This is when Franek proclaims he has won, and says he always knew he would win.

Man vs. Self

Elie struggled with whether or not he wanted to stay alive or just let himself die and not have to suffer anymore. The camps were so torturous he didn't know whether or not he should bother living anymore. As the suffering grew more and more intense, and the thought of liberation seemed less and less of a reality, Elie didn't see an end to ths and he didn't want to have to deal with any more pain. He decided to continue through the struggle, and he was finally liberated before he died.

Text evidence-

1. "The idea of dying, of no longer being, began to fascinate me. Not to exist any longer. Not to feel the horrible pains in my foot. Not to feel anything, neither weariness, not cold, nor anything." Elie began to take an interest in the whole concept of death.

2. "My father's prescence was the only thing that stopped me." Elie's father needed Elie, and Elie recognized that this was important and he needed to stay alive as long as his father did.

3. "...something within me revolted against this death." Elie wanted to die, but he wasn't fully willing to give up on life. Part of him wanted to keep living.

Man vs. Nature

Elie began to have a conflict with God. He thought that God could not be in a place withas much death as the concentration camps had. God was supposed to save people from situations like this, not let it all happen, especially for so long. This angered Elie, that God left his chosen people to be murdered by the Nazis. He rebelled against prayer and his religion. Eventually, he removed God from his life.

Text evidence-

1. "Why, but why should I bless His name?... Because in His great might He had created Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buna, and so many factories of death?" Elie did not think God deserved any praise if He had let all these death camps be built and run for so many years.

2. "I no longer accepted God's silence." If God was really all-powerful, Elie thinks God should have done something by now. But he hasn't, and Elie isn't going to ignore the fact anymore.

3. "...a prayer rose in my heart, to that God in whom I no longer believed." Elie had created a habit of prayer from his childhood, but his faith is no longer there.

Man vs. Society

When Moche the Beadle returned from Galicia, he tried to warn the people in SIghet, but none of them will listen. Moche came back for their own good but they dismissed him. IT maeks him sad and upset. He was trying desperately to save his fellow citizens. The citizens never gave him a chance, but it was their own loss.

Text evidence-

1. "Through long days and nights, he went from one Jewish house to another, telling the story of Malka, the young girl who had take three days to die, and of Tobias, the tailor who had begged to be killed before his sons..." Moche spent all of his time telling stories of people he saw, and he tried to explain all of the suffering.

2. "He's just trying to make us pity him. What an imagination he has!" Society rejects every word Moche the Beadle says.

3. "No, I wanted to come back, and to ward you. And you see, no one will listen to me." He only came back to help, but no one will pay any attention, and it hurts him.