By: Kevin Lynch

What Is An Earthquake?

An earthquake is when tectonic plates slip off each other. Tectonic plates are like puzzle pieces. Tectonic plates can go left and right, foreword and backward, or up and down. An earthquake is also a crack in the ground.

What earthquakes Cause?

Earthquakes cause a lot of damage; like destroy buildings, schools, homes, and business. Earthquakes are very deadly because buildings fall and quakes injure people seriously like concussions and broken necks. An earthquake can cause over a million dollars in damage.

How Earthquakes Occur

Earthquakes occur when energy builds up inside the tectonic plates and then the plates slip. The plates move about five inches per year. Earthquakes also occur when two tectonic plates move.

Where Do Earthquakes Occur?

Earthquakes mostly occur in Alaska. Quakes can also occur near California's fault line. All though the most deadliest earthquake was in China and killed about 830,000 people. Earthquakes can also occur in lots of other places like Japan.

How to Control Earthquakes

There are many ways to control earthquakes. For example, people can build stronger buildings, make buildings on firm land, and build buildings out of stronger materiel.

Pros and Cons


  • There are ways to control earthquakes.
  • Scientists are starting to know when an earthquake will occur.
  • Most earthquakes are to small to feel.
  • A plate moves about 5 inches a year.


  • Earthquakes can cause over a million dollars of damage.
  • Earthquakes can cause floods, tsunamis, and volcanoes to erupt.
  • Quakes can be deadly.
  • Earthquakes can cause people to evacuate from their homes.