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February 15th to 20th

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Attention Spring Sports Parents and Athletes

MONDAY, February 15th MEETING POSPONED. Rescheduled for February 23rd.

Attention Spring sports parents and athletes. The spring sports meeting will NOW be held on February 23rd in the East gym beginning at 6:30 pm. After general information given by Mr. Deam each spring sports team will breakout into their own meeting locations for their team meetings. This meeting is for parents and athletes. There will be no virtual option for this meeting.

Black History Month Door Challenge

We invite ALL J-Hawk classrooms to join our 'Black History Month Door Challenge' this year! The last day for submissions is February 19, 2021 (end of next week!) Mr. Hawley, along with 3 BSU students, will be judging the contest!

Let’s all make space to share stories and talk about figures of Black History, so we can all learn and celebrate their accomplishments. Let’s all reflect, learn, and explore the vast amounts of feats and accomplishments of Black people throughout our history who often don't get the glory they deserve.

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Additional Supports For 9th Graders

Hello Freshmen Students and Families,

Now that we are a few weeks into 2nd semester, we wanted to take a moment to look back at 1st semester. Every year, students face challenges in their education that may result in the failure of one or more classes. Additionally, we recognize this year has brought unique challenges. School districts around the country have reported students have received up to six times as many F’s, and more than half of students failing at least one class, was common across the nation.

As a result, we are offering students an opportunity to attend a virtual lunch session with us. In this session, we will discuss the impact of a failed class and options for retakes in the future. We will present strategies to help students create a plan to be successful in the 2nd semester and beyond.

These sessions will be held during lunches starting on February 22 until February 25, based on the following schedule:

A Lunch - 11:20-11:40 - Monday, February 22

C Lunch - 12:25-12:45 - Monday, February 22

A Lunch - 11:20-11:40 - Tuesday, February 23

C Lunch - 12:25-12:45 - Tuesday, February 23

B Lunch - 11:50-12:10 - Wednesday, February 24

D Lunch - 1:00-1:20 - Wednesday, February 24

B Lunch - 11:50-12:10 - Thursday, February 25

D Lunch - 1:00-1:20 - Thursday, February 25

Students can choose which session they would like to attend, but should only sign up for one. Students can eat their lunch and listen. Attendance is not required, but recommended. Registration is required. Students can sign up for session by using this link:


All students are required to wear appropriate masks at all times. Masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times. Students may wear a face shield as well, but not in place of a mask. Gators may be worn, but must be folded in half to provide 2 layers, or be 2 layers thick.

CRCSD mask mandate remains within all school buildings and buses. Additionally, mitigation strategies remain for all school athletics and activities. You can view mask protocol on our Health and Safety site.

Construction Laborer Information

Learn how to build a career as a LiUNA Construction Craft Laborer! Live Zoom with IA Laborers' Apprenticeship Coordinator Joey Purpura on Thursday, February 25, 2021 from 9am-9:45am. Click here to sign up and get the link:

Student Intervention Time

What is RTI?

Response to Intervention: The word intervention is key to understanding what RTI is all about. The goal is for the teacher to intervene, or step in, and start helping before students fall behind. This is accomplished by closely monitoring student achievement and differentiating and adapting instruction. RTI isn’t a specific program or type of teaching. It’s a proactive approach to measuring students’ skills and using data to decide which types of targeted teaching strategies to use to meet students' needs.

What are the benefits of RTI?

RTI is designed to take students from where they are in terms of skills and help them move toward grade-level expectations. As soon as progress monitoring data indicates a problem area for a student or a group of students, interventions are put into place to address these concerns. This provides intervention to students early, when they begin struggling, to reduce the chances of failing.

How is Jefferson providing RTI?

A dedicated 30-min block of time is scheduled as “Weekly Intervention” on Tues/Wed or Wed/Thurs of each week. This provides intervention opportunities to every student regardless of the learning platform. These weekly interventions will be provided in every class. See attached schedule:

Exciting National Honor Society News!

The senior NHS officers have gotten permission to hold an Induction Ceremony. The Induction Ceremony for those individuals (now seniors) who were to be inducted last spring will be March 1 at 7:00pm in the New Gym. Please mark your calendars!! Parents, you're invited as well! More details will be forthcoming on how many guests each inductee is allowed. The notification and application process for the 2021 National Honor Society qualifiers will begin soon. Juniors (and seniors who did not qualify as a junior) with a cumulative gpa of 3.5 will receive an application. The Induction Ceremony for these new inductees will be held on April 5th at 7:00pm in the New Gym. Please email Mrs. Theresa Fettkether, NHS Adviser, with any questions.

Picture Retakes for White Team are Tuesday, Feb. 16th.

LifeTouch will be at Jefferson, Tuesday, from 8-2 on February 16th! If you haven't had your picture taken yet, please make sure that you get it done.

Is Your Student's Camera On?

As our teachers evaluated the 1st semester grades, an interesting observation was brought up. Students who attended classes and turned on their cameras were more engaged and, on average, received higher grades. Encourage your student to be in class with the camera on. We love seeing their happy faces!

Community Service Award

Did you know that Jefferson awards a special medal at graduation to students who have completed 100 hours of community service? Did you know that we have groups at Jefferson that do volunteer work? (Interact Club, Volunteer Club, and National Honor Society) Did you know that college and scholarship applications ask about your volunteer work? Now's the time to get started and make the world a better place. Need ideas that are safe during COVID? Write letters to folks in nursing homes (they can't have visitors), send Valentine Cards to service members, volunteer at a hospital, collect supplies for a homeless shelter, join the Cedar Rapids 1 bag challenge and pick up litter (pick up trash bag at HyVee), sew face masks, or even look for online volunteering projects. You'll need to keep track of all of your volunteer time on the form that you can pick up from the counseling office, or contact the counseling office (number is below).

Check Your Email Every Day!

CPR For Juniors And Seniors

Seniors and Juniors - Hand On CPR will be offered either February 26 or March 5 during PLC Time. These are the last 2 days to get it done. You will need to sign up for a time with through this google form:

The Online Component needs to be completed before you attend the Hands On session.

Here are the Instructions on how to complete the Online Component:

Senior Scholarship Listing

Click here to see a list of scholarship possibilities.

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Has Your Password Expired?

Has your password expired? Your new password must:

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Include 3 of the following 4 items - uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol
  • NOT include any part of your username
  • NOT be similar to any other recent password.

Activities This Week

Bolded games are home.


  • 10:00 am - Varsity Bowling @ Wayward Social (Marshalltown)


  • 12:00 - Varsity Girls Bowling @ Muscatine Rose Bowl
  • 6 pm - Soph BBB vs. IC High
  • 7:30 pm - Var BBB vs. IC High

Wednesday - Friday

  • Wrestling - Var. State Meet


  • 6:00 pm - Soph BBB @ CR Prairie
  • 7:30 pm - Var. BBB @ CR Prairie

District COVID 19 Dashboard

Important Numbers If You Are In Need of Assistance

Need Assistance? We are here to help...

Jefferson Main Office: (319) 558-2435

Mr. Mike Hawley, Principal

Ms. Lorie Bateman, Associate Principal

Mr. Chris Deam, Athletic Director

Mr. Chad Szabo, Associate Principal

Mr. Mike Panoch, Facilitator

Office Staff:

Ms. Lois Bassett, Main Office

Ms. Lori Gunn, Main Office

Ms. Nancy Coffman, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Nicole McCue, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Susan Rumelhart, Nurse (319) 558-3473

Ms. Jackie Simoens, Athletics (319) 558-2148

Ms. Debra Floyd, Bookkeeping (319) 558-2743

Student Services: (319) 558-2441

Brenda Morillo, Counseling Secretary

Nancy Priebe, Special Ed. Compliance Secretary

Kim Abram, Counselor (Freshmen)

Jason Edwards, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names A-HA)

Jamie Cummins, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names Hb-Pa)

Judy McIntosh, Counselor (10-12 Students with Last Names Pb-Z)

Russ Bush, Technology

Kevin Darrow, PACT

Rebecca Egli, Transition Specialist

Desire To Lead

A group of five female student-athletes participated in a nationwide call-to-action as a part of a leadership development program called Desire to Lead through the Winning Leader program. Allie Barlow, Allison Kingus, Madie Denlinger, Madi Mercil, and Olivia Young took time over the course of a few days to repackage nearly 3,000 diapers into groups of 10 for the Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank. These diapers will be given to families to help ease the burden of buying diapers for their kids. Madi Mercil was able to present this project to a nationwide Facebook Live audience with approximately 650 views in the first day. If you are interested in watching the video, which includes other programs' projects across the country, you can find it here: