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Welcome to your one stop shop for all things Mini Troupe! We are thrilled to be with your camper this summer and are looking forward to putting on a fabulous performance of The Over Two Revue!

Stageworx General Info...

Please make sure that you have filled out a camper information form for each child you are sending to camp.

What is 'potty trained"?

At Stageworx, we are taking campers who have been accident free in public (we know at home can be a little different :)) for at least one month. Due to our staff numbers and facility, it would be difficult to have little ones at camp who are still in the early learning stages of bathroom fun! Adherence to this request assures the best experience for campers and staff.

We still have a few spots open in Troupe, Company, and Studio camps, and we'd love for your child's friends to join us for an amazing summer! Please share the StageworX experience with anyone you think might be interested.

Mini-Troupe Camp Dates

June 6th-10th 9am-12pm

June 13th-15th 9am-12pm

June 16th Show/Cast Party (sign up below) 9am-12pm

Pick up and Drop off...IMPORTANT!

We want pick up and drop off to run as smoothly as possible!

You can drop off your camper beginning at 8:50am in the front drive of Colonial (west side of the building). Staffers will be waiting to open your doors (passenger side) and help your child(ren) out of the car. You can pick up your child at 12pm in the same circle drive area. Please make sure to pull forward if you need to buckle your child into their seat so that other parents may get by.

There will be a short parent meeting on Monday, June 6th at 9am. On this day, drop your camper off first and park in the parking lot for the meeting.

Your will receive a car sign(s) at the meeting that will be color coded by camp and have your last name written on it.

Please place your car name tag in your car window so that it is easy for us to read when you pick up your camper!

Also, if someone else is picking up your camper (babysitter, grandparent, etc), please let Emily know in advance and give your pickup sign to that driver.

Thank you for your help in this is important to us!

Come hang out with us! Celebrate the start of camp with a sweet treat!

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Mini-Troupe 101

Wanted! Cast Party Sign Up

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