Solar Energy

Nolan, Drew, Sydney, Aurojit, 2nd Period WIlliams


Solar energy is an alternative energy resource created to generate electricity from the sun using solar panels. Solar energy has generated plenty of electricity. We use solar energy instead of fossil fuels in order to conserve fossil fuels.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

There are many advantages of solar energy. But there are also some disadvantages. Some of them are, weather can have a large impact or effect on solar cells and panels. Another one is solar panels aren't very portable. Once you install it at a location, you probably won't have it moved. And finally, solar panels can only generate electricity from 22% of the suns rays.

Advantages of Solar Energy

There are many advantages to solar energy. Some of them are, solar panels last a long time with little maintenance, solar energy is nonpolluting and silent, solar panels can generate energy on a cloudy day, they can be placed on roofs and so they don't need extra space, and the last advantage we have is that most large scale systems currently over generate energy.
Energy 101: Solar Power
Solar Energy