Peer Pressure: Drug Use


What can you learn from "Self Reliance"

"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string."

If you feel like trying drugs isn't something you're in to don't try it whatsoever, go with your gut instead of those around you who are attempting to convince you to try it.

Life During and After High School

During high school this is a time where you are developing your reputation and developing who you are as an individual, sadly many things that you do during your high school years can carry over and show up again in years following your high school career. The decisions you make during these years can stick with you! Years following high school you are still developing a reputation that will carry over when you are on your search for a job. You will still come into contact with situations where you will be pushed to try new things, you should stand strong to your moral values.

Bettering Yourself

Peer Pressure and Drugs

How can we help our community?

It all starts with younger generations since eventually we are going to be a major part of our community in the real world and the decisions we make or the things we do can influence how the community will be in future years so it is up to us to make decisions for the better of our community, such as limit peer pressure, the more peer pressure there is the more likely teens and young adults are to try things they typically wouldn't by their own will.
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Drugs take a toll on your body over time

Make Health your Fashion - Drugs PSA