The Bright Ideas Of

Thomas Edison

When A Kid

Tom loved to play with chemicals and after a lot of hard work with brain power and chemicals he made the world change at the flick of a switch. Tom [thats Thomas for short] was born on February ,11 ,1847. Tom was ill a lot when he was a kid. He could not go to school until age 8 also in 1855. Returning to the story of his youth, by age 12, Tom had already become an "adult." He had not only talked his parents into letting him go to work selling newspapers, snacks, and candy on the local railroad, he had started an entirely separate business selling fruits and vegetables. Focusing upon such newsworthy "scoops," he quickly enticed over 300 commuters to subscribe to his splendid little paper: the Weekly Herald.... Interestingly, because this was the first such publication ever to be typeset, printed, and sold on a train, an English journal now gave him his first exposure to international notoriety when it related this story in 1860 he was 13 years old when it started.

Good Things Come

Accomplishments And How He Got Famous

One of his accomplishments was that his paper was the first paper to be sold on a train. A amazing good deed Tom did was he saved a child’s life from a loose train car. The child's father asked what he could do to thank Tom so he taught him how to use the Telegraph machine.

In 1871 when Tom was 21 years old, Tom got married to Mary Stillwell even though Mary was only 16 years old! Mary liked Tom because he was a clever,funny and wonderful man.The couple had three kids: Marion,Thomas,and William. When Toms workshop became too small for him his father helped him make a new one.He called it his ‘Inventions Factory’. One day Toms team did 2,000 experiments on the telephone to make it better in hearing and range.

Like all scientists he dreamed of putting electricity in a bulb to create a bright light.

Back then the world would be lit up with oil lamps or candles that would start a fire easily. In 1883 and 1884 Tom made the worlds first economically viable system of centrally generating and distributing electric light heat and power known as the’ light bulb’ a item that produces light energy. And it is known all throughout the world today!