The Giver

By: Lois Lowry Flyer made by George Fabars Period 4


The Giver is about a colorless, dull future where jobs, children, and families are chosen for you. Sameness is practiced, which takes away things like color, weather, and so on. Yet in this world, there is only one person that actually see these things. That person is given the title of Receiver of Memory, which is a painful yet honorable assignment. With the help of The Giver, 12 year old Jonas begins his training as the Receiver by receiving memories of the past. As time passes, Jonas learns about color, warfare, weather, animals, and other things that we normally see in our everyday lives. Yet in this world, such things don't exist, and are only visible to the eye and mind of the Receiver. Towards the end of the book, Jonas sees his community differently; he discovers the dark truth behind "the art of release" and even refuses to play a common game played by children because of its gruesome background. He can't tell anyone about his new information because it is against the rules of the community and people simply won't understand him.


"Jonas has not been assigned, Jonas has been selected." -The Chief Elder

My Questions

Where did Lowry get the idea for The Giver?

Were there any problems when publishing the book? If so, what were they?

If you could change one thing about the book, what would it be?

My Overall Rating

In conclusion, The Giver is a book everyone should read! It's one of those books that can make a child develop a love for reading. I have nothing bad to say about The Giver. If you read the introduction of the newer version, you can see that it changed the lives of many! If you like stories that talk about a fictional future, you will find enjoyment in reading The Giver.