Ney AR Reading Incentive Program


Changes Made to AR Reading Incentives

The start of this school year has been interesting, to say the least. Our students seem to have adapted just fine. However, as teachers and staff we are still struggling to makeup for lost time. When Hurricane Harvey hit our area, Ney students and staff were just about to embark on this year's Accelerated Reader journey. The loss of two weeks worth of school pushed that plan back further than expected. As a result, the program did not fully begin until our return to school. When we returned student goals had to be adjusted, deadlines had to be pushed back, and a complete reorganization had to take place. For this reason, not all classes have had a chance to send home the Ney library folder for signatures. Upon first thought, this may not seem like a big deal, but the library folder holds the parent explanation for Accelerated Reader incentive program for this year. My hope is that by sending this letter home to you, you will be fully informed of this year's reading incentive plan and better able to assist your child with meeting his/her reading goals for the remainder of the year.

AR Plan in a Nutshell

  • Your child has taken the STAR test which has determined his/her reading level.
  • Your child's teacher will set an individualized AR point goal each nine weeks.
  • Students will check out book(s) in his/her reading level each week. They will be expected to read the book and then take an AR test on the book.
  • The grade on the AR test will determine the number of points your child earned for that particular book.
  • Each nine weeks we are focusing on two to three genre requirements that students are encouraged to check out, read, and test on.
  • Students who complete the two-three genre requirements, meet their point goal for the current nine weeks, and maintain an 80% or higher average on AR testing will be invited to attend an incentive party at the end of each nine weeks.
  • I have attached a copy of the Reading Log that students have in their library folder.
  • Refer to this Reading Log for information on genre requirements, due dates, and incentive parties.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher and/or myself, Mrs. Roland, Library Media Specialist.