Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Sukhleen Atwal

Ender's Influence on YOUR Children

Ender is a young boy who is a natural leader. Ender has all the qualities of a leader such as patience, exemplary character, and confidence. Reading this book can show your children many examples of leadership and Ender can be a positive influence on your child! (glittering generalities)(bandwagon)
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The Future...

Ender's Game is a entertaining but could very well be our future. Scientists still have no idea of what all lies in the universe so why not buggers? Buggers could invade Earth tomorrow and Earth would have no idea what to do. Once you read Ender's Game

you will be able to better understand the possible dangers of the universe beyond us. (fear)

Read Ender's Game or Be A Bugger! (name-calling)

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