Poisonous Portuguese Man-of-War

By Justin Glazer


Imagine the sight of a blue and purple crest sticking out of the sparkling sea. “Zap” you hear as the Portuguese Man-of-War snatches its prey. This intricate sea creature has an elaborate habitat, a specific diet, and an extremely fascinating appearance.


If you choose to visit this amazing creature, be ready for the wowing environment that it thrives in. Remember to be on the lookout for this fantastic salt-water inhabitant so you can sneak a glance at its fascinating appearance. If you’re lucky, you may be able to see this interesting ocean dweller snatch a part of its intricate diet. Certainly, the Portuguese Man-of-War has a detailed habitat, an intriguing appearance, and a unique diet.

Think Tank

Below you will find a Quizzle, a Word Wall, and a Haiku.

Word Wall

Here is a word wall about the Portuguese Man-of-War.
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A Haiku For You

Very poisonous

Has a blue and purple crest

Thrives in the ocean

Eats a lot of fish

Long and stringy tentacles

Is moved by the wind


Here is an Under The Sea diorama
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Go Fish

During the Under The Sea Project, I participated in an activity called Go Fish. During this activity, I bought aquarium tools, decorations, and fish with a budget of 250.00. While buying necessary supplies and decorations for my aquarium, I spent $239.86 which left me with $10.24 to spend on fish. The next day, I spent $9.00 on fish; I had only $1.24 left. Go Fish taught me how to budget while using math skills such as decimals and multiplication.

Studying Portuguese Man-of-War in New Jersey