Rip Tide

by Kat Falls

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examples of Man vs Nature

Ty is a teen boy who helps with his mom and dad with their sub-sea farm.

When he swims out of the borders of his under water colony he knows he must face all of the predators of the ocean including killer whales, squid, and flesh hangry sharks!


Ty -Ty is in his teens and he helps out his underwater colony with his family business

Gemma-Gemma is a 15 year old girl who has been jumping from shelter to shelter and is on her way to see her brother Richard in a bare knuckle boxing match in Rip Tide


throughout this story the author Kat Falls is really good at making the reader feel like they are there with the characters. For instance there are parts that are fast paced and forshadowing. This is easy to unerstand because these are human instincts , say your put in a predicament and you have to act quick or face the conseques that could happen in seconds


Rip tide is a story of a teenage boy named Ty who lives in an underwater colony and sells crops out of a submarine to helps mother and father. Tys parents need to sell these crops in orded to survive. They end up selling their crops to the surfs, a lower class of people in their colony, who were kidnapped by the leader of the surfs.

So ty and gemma go on an aquatic adventure that is time senstive because they are being held hostage. They find a township chained to a suken airplane.


Ty and Gemma are faced with alot of conflict during their Adventure to find tys parents.

they are faced with aggresive creatures of the ocean, trident weilding surfs , and outlaws they have to fight for the survival of them selvs and tys parents.

lessons learned

The lessons I learned is that you have to be greatful for the innovation and technologies we have this present day , our family and not to make deals with sketchy people