Gregor Mendel

Flyer Assignment

Gregor Mendel Description

Mendel is a person who study plants to see how on genetic traits get from one parent to other

Early Years


!. He made good relationship with his teachers.

2. He was recognized as a gifted child.


1. He could not attend a college because he could not understand the English there

2. He took and failed the exams over four times

Experimental Design

1. He is studied pea plants he wants to know how they get their parents traits.

2. He is trying to get people to understand what he is studying.


1. New species can appear in form of hybrids.

2. Great difficulty exists in explaining why these hybrids gave rise to hybrids.

3. Whatever the mechanism of heredity it involved both the male and female.


Scientist Reactions

He still tried and he want to know what trait where in the pea plant


Although Mendel research is very well know today it took thirty four years for the science community of time to realize it’s important.