Fine Arts Day 2016

Great Expectations

Introduction to Fine Arts Day - PK thru 1st grades

  • This year’s theme is about the 8 Expectations that the students study with Mrs. Wilbanks everyday. Each one of the activities this year are chosen to go along with a word from those expectations.
  • There will be a performance by a band in the Cafeteria at 9:00am. Mrs. Wilbanks will call your classes down when they are ready to begin.
  • This will be a "Sack Lunch" day. Plan a picnic with your class.

  • Please feel free to modify or change the activities to suit your classes needs.

Fine Arts Day Activities

1. Blindfold Coloring "Helpful"

Let students get a partner. One student is blindfolded. The student who does not have the blindfold helps the other student color a picture by guiding their hands, giving verbal directions, and being "Helpful".

2. Tower Building Relay "Encourage"

Put students in teams. Each team will race to put one block at a time together to build the tallest, strongest, and most artistic tower. The students on each team will take turns racing to the blocks, and adding one block to the tower until the time is up. The students on each team should "Encourage" one another to victory. The teacher will be the judge, and award the honors.

3. Tamborines "Applaud Effort"

Have students decorate the bottom of two paper plates. Staple or tape the two plates together with beans inside. Play the Tamborines along with your classes favorite music. Don't forget to "Applaud Effort".
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4. Sign Language and Thank You Notes "Please/Thank You"

Learn some Sign Language. Practice using the signs while making " Thank You" notes for Mrs. Wilbanks and Mr. Reed for taking such good care of us and our school. Remember to sign "Please and Thank You".

5. Video "Unique"

PK= Colors, Shapes, and Counting

K= Linnea in Monet's Garden

1st= Eric Carle

Watch the video, and talk to the students about what makes the artist and themselves "Unique". Use watercolor paint to paint a picture like the artist's work, or about themselves and what makes them "Unique". I have put one of these videos in a team members box for your grade level.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me: