Tech Tidbits #9

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What do they know?

Have you tried using any of the interactive student assessment tools that are available? Many of your colleagues have tried Socrative, Kahoot, and Google Forms to gather feedback from students before, during, and after a lesson. (News: Infuse Learning and Geddit are two systems that will no longer be available in the near future.)

Here are some other services you can explore:

Quizizz - This was shared at a recent ed tech conference I attended and teachers had many positive reviews. Quizizz is a "fun multiplayer classroom activity that allows all your students to practice together." It is super fun! I tried it today with Mr. Leister's assistance. Similarly to Kahoot, the teacher creates quiz questions that students answer. More points are given for correct and quick responses. Students have immediate feedback that tells them if their answers were correct or incorrect.

However, unlike Kahoot, the questions themselves post on the student device, and they can work through them after their own pace after the teacher starts the activity. This could be fun for a team to play during a collaborative station, or for a student to review and practice with during an independent rotation. Teachers can then view the data and how each student responded and can save it to an Excel file.

Plickers was featured in the Tech Tidbits Tinsel Edition. It involves the use of response cards that students hold with their answer choice at the top, and the teacher uses his/her mobile device to scan the room to capture answers. You can design quizzes and it will save student responses in a portal for you to examine data after the activity is complete if you desire. Michael Lewis at Blue Ball elem. is using Plickers, if you need a go-to resource! If you'd like to try Plickers, since it requires student accounts, just let me know and I'll get you the permission slip you can send home with students before use.

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