The Battle Of Java Sea

Yours Truely Lane Votrobeck

Date: February 27th, 1942.

Nations Involved: Axis- The Japanesse, Allies- Netherlands, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Austria.

Where: Near Surabaya.

Significant's: The last and longest cruiser battle of World War 2. It was a difficult defeat.

Allies: 2 Cruisers sunk, 3 destroyers sunk, 2,300 sailors killed
Axis: 1 destroyer damaged, 4 transporters sunk.

Winner: Japanesse.

Interesting facts: -Shortly before the battle commenced the odds were not good for the allied forces.
-The coordination between allied navies and air forces was poor.
-Partly why the battle happened was that Japan warships needed the oil in the java area.

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