Heads Up!!!

Cheyanne Ferguson

Be safe

Most of the people that are reading this has a device as some sort. You probably chat, play games, and look up pictures. Also share stuff to your friends and family. Somebody could even give somebody your number that you don’t even know. So only give your number to somebody that you can trust to not give it out.

This is how can protect yourself

Before you post something you should ask adult if it’s ok. Because people could some how save it. Then they could post on something and it could make you really embarrassed. Also if its pic of someone you might want to ask. Just in case because they might mad, sad, or embarrassed.

Don't Bully

If you see someone getting bullied online or not you should stand up to the bully. Because what if you were that person wouldn’t you like someone to stand up for you. But if you are that person and nobody notices just stand up for yourself. Also try to keep your head and smile. You also need to tell adult that you trust.

Don't Cyberbully either

If you don't know what cyberbullying is well I'm going to tell you. It's a kind of bullying but this bullying is online. It can happen on a online game or on a text message. It might happen by a rumor or a picture of something. It probably will make the person feel bad. But it might or might not make the bully look bad. This is what cyberbulling is and what might happen.


Most you guys probably download apps. If you do you might be giving away personal information and maybe contacts that you have. You might be able to see what information it can look at. So you might want to look for that. If you look at it you might want to think if the app is really worth it of sharing stuff about you.