PCP began as being used as an anesthetic by medical professionals during surgery to keep patients from feeling pain. It was taken out of usage a few years later because the doctors found out it caused hallucinations, affects mood and makes you confused.

Street Names

Angel Dust

Killer Weed

Super Grass

Peace Pills


Phencyclidine Wack

Tic Tac




Taking PCP



Detachment from reality

Hyperthermia - opposite of hypothermia

Blood clotting

Kidney failure

Shallow breathing

Body convulsions

Change in mood such as anger



Combining with the inability to feel pain that PCP comes with mixed with hallucinations, you're likely to hurt yourselves or even kill yourself. In one case, a man peeled off his face with a mirror shard and lived because of all the drugs in his system.

Long Term Effects

When used for excess amounts of time with solid addiction, it can cause mental problems, loss of memory, depression as well as speech problems.

Signs of Addiction

Often, a PCP users experience mood changes and go from their normal selves to aggressive, paranoid and are stricken with anxiety. Their breathing may be consistently shallow and there could be infected bumps on their arms by veins from injection. They may experience hallucinations, loss of muscle control as well as will look distant as if they aren't focused on reality. Loss of balance, vomiting and uncontrollable eye movements are also ways to spot out PCP users.