Executive Branch

By: Melanie and Both Emilys

All about the Executive Branch

The Executive branch is one of the three branches of the government. The president is the leader of the Executive Branch. The president can't make the laws but he can approve or

veto them. All of the power in the Executive Branch is in the president. The Executive branch is made up of two buildings. The Vice President also has some power. There is about 4 million emplyoees in the Executive branch, including the people in the armed forces.

Important Facts about the Governmental Executive Branch

Facts On What The Executive Branch's Leader Can Do

Under Article II of the Constitution the President is responsible for the enforcement of the laws made by the Congress. All the power is invested in the President. When the president vetos a bill, the Congress can outvote him and then the Supreme court decides if it is unconstitutional or not. During a trial, the president can give a pardon to whoever is guilty. The President also has to remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
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Caption for Picture Above

The President is in charge of the Executive branch. The President is in the middle of a conference in the picture.