Einstein Geniuses

By: Colton,Delacey ,Karla, Daniel

The problem

NISD is rapidly growing and destroying ecosystems

Causes and Effects

Our cause is Schools are built and they are destroying habitats.

The effect is coyotes are in our backyards and eating our pets

More effects are below:

Our Plan

On the roof of schools workers can build a zoo. The government can raise taxes so we can build our plan.The roof will be divided into 4parts so when we clean one part the animals can go to a different part.we can have the students at the school help clean the animals places while they are in an another.

Our plan part2

The reason the workers divided the roof into 4 parts is because they need to separate the carnivores and herbivores so they won't consume other. Another reason they divided the zoo into 4 parts is so when the workers clean one part of the zoo the animals can go to their other place
The workers will build two brick layer to prevent noise then the worker will plant a soil layer to help grow plants. Then the worker will plant grass and flowers and trees etc...
The workers will build a big elevator to bring the animals up to the roof . The workers will also put a shock fence around the top of the roof so the animals won't fall off and perish


Schools will not destroy habitats

Animals and plants will have a safe place to live.

Animals will not get hurt or perish


Frogs,coyotes,raccoons and moose will crowd our neighborhood

Coyotes will consume our pets

Animal could give diseases or we can give diseases to them

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