Discussion 8 - Social Media

EIST-6120-580 Summer I 2015

Social Media Definition

Social media is websites and applications that focus on connecting people by sharing common interests. Common interest could be natural, pictures, drawing, family values, fried values, religion values, or business.

Social Media Examples


Facebook is a website that allows members to post status about themselves, and share photos and other media. Members are linked to each other via family relation ship, or friend relationship.


Linkedin is a website that allows members to post their professional resume. Therefore, many companies have Linkedin account, and post positions through Linkedin. Moreover, Linkedin includes business and professional advises. Members share their experience and knowledge as well. Members are linked to each other through their business and their specialization.

How would I use Facebook and Linkedin in education

Facebook in education

Facebook can be used for the following purposes:

  • Remind students about their homework.
  • Update students about the status of the class, such as cancelation.
  • Promote good students as an encouraging factor.
  • Allow student to post their projects.
  • Allow student to post events of the class and the school.

Linkedin in Education

Linkedin can be used to allow students to start their professional resume. This will help student feel responsible and take accountability for what they post in general. The following also can be done:

  • Allow each student to create their own Linkedin account and post their resume.
  • Teach student how to build a resume.
  • Connect students to each other.
  • Help students connect to their peer of the same future dreams or values.
  • Help students learn from their peers. For example learn how a successful peer has become successful. What major did he/she go for? What professional training has she/he has taken?