Top 5 things you NEED to know NOW!

Chrissie's Ever Skincare, May 2016

#1 FREE PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Overnight Cellular Renewal Facial Oil is the most expensive single product in EVER's line and we are giving it away for FREE! If you order $150 worth of product this month you get this $88 product for free in your delivery! ISN'T THAT INCREDIBLE????
Here is the info on the Overnight Facial Oil ------------------------------------------------------------->

Also, if you want to join my team and become a specialist, this Overnight Facial Oil will be free in your starter kit. If you order the basic starter kit for $299---you will be getting $527 worth of products AND all your business kit for $299!!! THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!!!!! Questions? Just ask!

#2 Our Regimen

Did you know that the Regimen pieces can be purchased separately? Many people buy a few pieces at a time, but I can honestly say, they almost always come back for the rest of the pieces.
Our Regimen:
*Is Clinical Grade and Botanically Derived (safe and gives results!)
*Can be customized for ANY skin type!
*Has 5 products:
  • Cleanser (you choose which is best for you!),
  • Peel Pads (award winning!),
  • Serum,
  • Day time Moisturizer with SPF (can be tinted or untinted!),
  • Night time moisturizer
*Comes with directions and the bottles are labeled with the number order so you always know what to do!
*Takes about 5 minutes to complete (that's it!)
*Is $318 worth of products for $255 (and it's $230 for Loyalty Members)!
*The Regimen lasts around 60 days (And some of my products last longer!)
*As with all products, EVER gives a 45 day Money Back Guarantee

(AND if you order the Regimen this month you meet the criteria for the giveaway---you will get a FREE Overnight Facial Oil which is the PERFECT compliment to the Regimen!) This is SO SO EXCITING!
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#3 EVER Opportunity!

Interested in joining as an EVER Specialist? It’s a ground floor opportunity with SO many rewards and SO much potential! You won’t be alone… I started August and, aside from absolutely loving this journey with my fun, motivating, and inspiring team, I’ve been rewarded with incredible incentives for using and sharing a product line I believe in while choosing my own flexible hours. It really can’t get any easier than that! Let me know if you are interested and we can get you started today!

EVER Specialist Opportunity
*25-44% DISCOUNTED products Day 1
*NO monthly quota
*NO autoship (unless you want it)
*NO annual fee
*SUPER HELPFUL team (and me!) to get you started!

AND---as I said above, you get a FREE Overnight Facial Oil with your starter kit this month too!!! (added bonus!)
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#4 Let's Party!!!!!

I love a good party!!! :) Let's do a SOCIAL---What better way to have fun with your friends AND get free EVER!

This can be as simple as coffee and muffins, muffins and mimosas, or Girl's Night Out with some friends! Whatever your preference! I bring all my EVER products and share about them. I'm not pushy, just informative! If you get 4 orders, you get FREE products! On top of seeing your friends, getting FREE Ever, you would be supporting a friend (me!) and I would be GREATLY appreciative!!!

This month I am giving a free Purify Deep Clean Detox Mask ($62 product) to the first 3 people who book a social in May! Check out the Mask Info Below!
Let me know!

#5 "HANDS down, You're the BALM" teacher gifts!

Ok all of you parents and teachers out there! As a former teacher, I always appreciated a gift from a family that was something I wouldn't buy for myself. THIS is PERFECT! Order the Goodbye Dry bundle (Light Beam Hand Repair Cream and Smooth Lip Treatment). HOLY. COW. I would have LOVED that from a student/class/family!
Attach a note that says "HANDS down, You're the BALM!" and you have yourself the BEST end of the year/teacher appreciation/room mom gift.

The Light Beam is regularly $40 and the Smooth Lip Treatment is the $26, but together, this bundle is $59.40.
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