GMS Review

May 2015

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GMS Staff Members Provide Students with Reflection and Fun to End the Year

Sixth Grade Service Day 2015 Results

Sixth graders completed the following projects that helped others in their community:

  • Created 25 sketch books (with inspirational quotes and encouraging messages) for kids in foster care
  • Made over 200 worry stones, for kids in foster care
  • Assembled 450+ graduate bags for CVS Minute Clinic, to give to GHS graduates
  • Assembled 25 “new hire” packets for Benteler Automotive
  • Sorted 15 Lego kits (involving over 2200 pieces!) for the Boys and Girls’ Club Robotics Club projects
  • Sorted school supplies and clothing donated in approximately 60 Green Locker bins
  • Checked, folded, counted and bagged approximately 500 grocery bags for Church Community Services
  • Sorted 1400 pairs of reading glasses, by prescription, for Lions’ Club members to deliver to Mexico
  • Created 25 Bingo cards for the Salvation Army
  • Checked approximately 50 games and puzzles (to make sure all pieces were included) for The Depot
  • Picked up trash around Goshen Middle School athletic fields and property
  • Made 125+ friendship bracelets for kids in foster care
  • Picked up trash, and weeded at Shanklin Park
  • Created 11 P.O.P. posters, to be displayed in our hallways next year
  • Wrote 30 VERY creative letters to military personnel
  • Stuffed 1000 bulletins for Grace Community Church (with 3 inserts each)
  • Stuffed 1500 envelopes for a mailing for Goodwill of Michiana
  • Sorted bike parts for Chain Reaction of Goshen
  • Cleaned up and weeded the memorial garden in the 6th grade courtyard
  • Helped our cafeteria staff clear out kitchen in preparation for their move this summer
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Seventh Grade Carries Meaningful Memories into Next Year

The last day for seventh grade was filled with outdoor fun and time to relax with friends. Staff and students ate outside and enjoyed Dilly Bars from DQ. Afterwards, students were able to choose from ultimate Frisbee, soccer, corn hole, team building, sidewalk chalk art, etc and switched rotations after an hour. This was followed by a DJ in the gym with dancing and yearbook signing.

There were many noteworthy moments from the day but the most memorable were those final moments as teachers and students said goodbye for the summer. Seventh grade students were blessed this year to enjoy many good times with each other on career day and at the Cubs game. This class also united together to mourn the passing of a classmate. This group of individuals, staff and students, share a bond that is tightly knit together. As they move into the summer months, they will have many memories and experiences in their hearts.

It's Your Life Gives Glimpse of Reality to 8th Grade Students

These and many more similar “aha” moments were overheard in the halls and the classrooms of GMS 8th grade math students as they spent the last week and a half of the school year receiving a dose of their future reality. It’s Your Life, a long-held tradition at GMS was revisited this year with a bit of a twist. Instead of a day-long event as featured in years past, students took daily steps into the reality of budgeting in the real world during their math period. Students were assigned a career, along with a salary adjusted to reflect their personal employability skills, as demonstrated by their GPA for the Points of Pride of respect, responsibility, productivity, and integrity. Students with 95% attendance, no ISS or OSS, and no tardy marks received a $2000 bonus. Students with poor attendance, school suspension, and/or excessive tardies found themselves fined, warned of potential firing, or moved down a salary level. Much chatter and laughter, and perhaps a slight drum roll, exuded as students randomly selected their family status (single, married w/ children, married w/no children, single parent).

Students were then challenged to construct a monthly budget to support their family structure. THIS is where the real fun began and ‘Aha!’ moments proclaimed. All seemed fine and dandy as they selected their fancy cars, big houses, and entertainment. Excitement, however, turned to dismay when they had to readjust the budget to include a bus pass instead of a car, move to an apartment instead of a house, pay child care or child support, and give up their cell phones and internet (GASP!). More dismay and joy was proclaimed when drawing chances from Pit Fall Pond to find they had broken a leg, received a promotion, gotten a speeding ticket, were fired and lost half their income, received an inheritance, had to pay a court fine, to name a few.

The week’s event culminated in watching the film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” a recounting of the true-story of salesman Chris Gardner and his son and their year of being homeless before hard work and determination brought him success. Spreading the experience over a week and a half allowed students to process new learning more fully and gave opportunity for students to go home to share this learning with their families. We hope that students did go home with a greater appreciation for the blessings received from hard-working parents and guardians and gained new insight into what it takes to live as responsible and productive citizens.

The Secret Club Continues to Soar

Three years ago a targeted group of 75 students was selected to participate in a new program called The Secret Club. These students had potential for great success in their academic careers as well as life beyond school. However, in 6th grade when this started, they lacked some of the tools necessary to obtain this success. A couple of 6th grade teachers sought to create a community environment in which these students could grow on a personal and academic level. There was great success through their participation in their 6th grade year. The teachers made a commitment to not only keep in touch with these students, but to be adults who would support them throughout the remainder of their education.

For the last two years, they have stayed faithful to that commitment. To celebrate their continued success at GMS, Ms. Gerber and Ms. Carboneau planned a celebration day which included a trip to GHS. These students were able to talk with and ask questions of high school students, the 9th grade principal, Kelly Whittaker, and counselor, Jeremy McLaughlin. They were able to learn about all the different types of programs that GHS has to help their students meet their full potential. Upon their return to GMS, the Secret Club had a cookout to celebrate. The afternoon was filled with games, pictures, cake, thank you cards, and a certificate of completion to mark their transition to high school. During this day, Ms. Gerber and Ms. Carboneau worked to make sure that every student knew how important they were to them, and that they would continue to support them as students at GHS. They day ended with students asking their teachers when they would see them again. Ms. Gerber and Ms. Carboneau assured them it would be on in the fall as they wouldn’t miss their big entry into GHS.

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Mr. Justin Mast Provides 7th Graders with Global Perspective

Justin Mast is a nurse that was moved to help others. With the support of his family, he traveled to Sierra Leone to become a part of the movement to stop death from Ebola and to stop the spread of this deadly disease. He spoke to students about how life is tough in Sierra Leone without the disease, now, these people have to struggle with this added burden.

Justin split the class into 2/3 and explained that the majority would be dead by age 15. He explained the symptoms, treatments, and preventative measures that had to be put in place to protect the medical team. He took students through the intense hand washing procedure... It takes about five minutes. Then he explained that this had to happen after every step of the undressing process. Students were polite and intrigued by his story. It was an honor to have Justin here to share his passion with us.

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Seventh Graders Explore Career Ideas

Career Day was a hit among seventh grade students! Members from the community came in to speak to students about their careers and professions. Students were able to select from a list of choices as to what careers interested them the most. Some of the career choices available for students included a pilot, large animal veterinarian, professional athlete, teacher, mechanic, nurse, lawyer, and restaurant management to name a few. They shared how much training and schooling is required, wages, how they became interested in that particular field, and the strengths / struggles of the day to day work. The goal of career day was to beginning to spark interest in extended learning and to give students a snapshot of the career choices available to them.

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8th Graders Help GHS Percussion Spark National Attention

Pablo Palacios, Alex Garcia and Denise Aguilar are part of the GHS Winter Percussion Ensemble. The group traveled to Dayton, Ohio to compete in the Winter Guard International World Championships and competed in the most advanced divisions with two shows. The marching group took 8th place, and the concert group took 2nd place.

Goshen HS WGI 2015 Finals Lot Show Segments

So Many Activities, So Little Time

Goshen Middle School Moves to Teaming for 7th and 8th Graders in the 2015-16 School Year

Although GMS teachers prioritize building relationships with students, Goshen Middle School is a big place, one of the largest middle schools in the state. To create smaller learning communities, teachers and students will be assigned to teams of 4 academic teachers, math, science, ELA and SS for the 2015-16 school year.

GMS staff members look forward to a summer of reflection and planning for the 2015-16 school year. We wish students and families a safe and fun-filled summer!