Christianity Symbol

The cross represents the christian religion and shows how the christian god Jesus gave his life to show his love for all of us

Religion map

the map shows the religions in the world and where they are located, and Christianity is located mainly in north and south america

Christianity Practices

Praying, Worship, Baptism, Marriage
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What is Christianity? a simple explanation

Sacred Text

The sacred text of christians is the Holy Bible

What Christians believe about these topics.

Sin? They believe that with any sin there is forgiveness through God
Heaven? Is where you go if you have accepted god into your heart

Hell? Is where you go if you have done alot of sinning and have not accepted god

Creation? Everything was created by God
Poor? If you are poor you are you can recieve help through god you just have to believe
Rich? If you are rich you should give to the less fortunate
Salvation? Christians believe that everyone is born into sin and are in need of salvation
Marriage? Christians believe that they should be wedded before a christian pastor for it to be true
Abortion? Christians believe that abortion is wrong if the unborn is human