Japanese Music

different kinds of music, instruments and entertainment

Types of music

In Japan, there are three types of traditional music. Theatrical
Kabuki Theatre
Court music or Gagaku, this example is actually Japans national anthem
kimigayo - Ancient court music-Japan National Anthem
and finally, instrumental. This specific piece is played by the koto
Sakura "Cherry Blossoms";Traditional Music of Japan, Classical Koto Music 日本の伝統音楽


The koto is a traditional strings instrument. It is also Japans national instrument. They have 13 strings strung over 13 movable Bridges along the width of the instrument, and there is also a 17 string Koto variant.
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The Korkoriko is a wooden percussion instrument which makes a sound kind of like "dominoes falling" and is mainly used by younger kids.
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The Biwa is a short-necked fretted lute with 4 or 5 silk strings . It is often used for narrative story telling. It is also the chosen instrument for poetry, the goddess of music and education of Buddhism.
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kabuki is a classical dance \ drama type of theatre. it involves singing, and dancing, as well as fancy hair,makeup,and costume design. kabuki theatre has historic story lines that are reenacted.
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Bunraku or puppet theatre is probably the most developed form of puppetry in the world. The most popular show is the Chushingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers. There are several different characters in this for of theatre and the female characters are usually made without legs because they're dressed in a full length kimono. Before the puppets had no strings and the puppeteers were hidden behind a colored curtain.
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Manzai is a traditional style of stand-up comedy. It usually involves two performers, they trade jokes and make cheesy puns. Most of the jokes revolve around past memories and events. As you can see we have kept these cheesy jokes and puns around for a long time!
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